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Basketball Season Is Upon Us

By Tony

4:46 PM EST on November 9, 2007

As everyone in Stillwater and 17 people in Norman know, college basketball season is upon us. That is why this post includes a picture of Jenna Plumley revealing her true feelings for me.

For both OU and OSU, there are many question marks this season. Will highly touted recruits Blake Griffin and James Anderson be able to lead their respective teams to the NCAA tournament? Will Sean Sutton make it through the season without collapsing? Will the Lloyd-Noble Center extend it's record of most consecutive seasons being the most poorly lit arena in the country? And hey, what about Fraggle Rock? Remember that show?

Sorry, I lost my train of thought there. Where was I? Oh yes, unanswered questions.

For instance:

Will the clip of Jeff Capel hitting the game-tying shot against North Carolina be shown during more than 20 of OU's broadcasts?

Will Marcus Dove continue to have the worst celebratory hand signal in college basketball?

Will my campaign to get OU fans to embrace the nickname "Big Baby Food" for Beau Gerber fail for a second season in a row?

Will this story become reality?

Will Chris Walker manage to average more than a turnover a game despite being a graduate assistant for the Sooners and not an actual player?

For my part, I'm going Yes, Yes, Yes, Please God Make It Happen, Yes. But I'm notoriously terrible at predicting things. Like the time I predicted the red dot would beat the yellow dot during the dot race. Also, Betamax. I picked Betamax over VHS. Man, I'm getting depressed over my predicting skills. Thank god it's Friday.

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