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I HEART Amy McRee & I STORM Gary England T-Shirts

The Lost Ogle T-Shirts

So, I had this idea to make these t-shirts. Sometimes I wish I had better ideas like how to stop world hunger or even how to make Jack and Ron funny, but when you're blessed with the abilty to design cool t-shirts that maybe you and 50 other people on the Internet may get, you just go with it.

Anyway, I put these designs up on You can check them out (and a couple of logo shirts) at I chose Zazzle over CafePress because Zazzle offered American Apparel tee's, which are the most comfortable t-shirts ever. Of course if you don't care how the shirts feel, you can choose different and cheaper styles.

Also, if you need to be reminded of the inspiration for one of the shirts. Check out our favorite anchorwomen and her pink bikini after the jump.

Doesn't that feel better? And Amy, I'll always heart you.

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