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Justice League of Oklahoma (Part II)

Previously: Gary England assembled the Justice League of Oklahoma to combat a plot to destroy Greer, OK during the Patriots/Cowboys football game.


Location: Just outside of Greer, OK

Val spots Doug and Joe speeding toward him and collapses to the ground from exhaustion. When he catches his breath, he updates them on his efforts:

"I didn't think you guys were ever going to get here."

"We don't have your super storm chaser speed," retorts Coach Sauter.

"I can't understand you through your mustache."

Joe chimes in, "Where do we stand?"

"Well, there was some lowering and bit of a hook echo, so I've been running in circles creating counter-cyclonic activity in order to slow it down. I couldn't have kept it up much longer. I'm going to let you guys do your thing now."

Paying homage to Craig Humphreys and Mackie McNeer, Sauter and Burton yell out, "Let's go!"


Location: 4Warn Storm Team Headquarters

Mike Morgan: Is Doppler 9 giving you anything we need to know?

Gary England (on video phone): Not that it matters, since no one is watching your station right now--

Mike Morgan: You mean, because of the football game?

Gary England: If that helps you sleep at night--but anyway, this is an extremely odd weather pattern.

Mike Morgan: How so?

Gary England: Well, it doesn't exactly follow any meteorological patterns that I've seen before.

Mike Morgan: If anyone would have seen the pattern it would be the way, congratulations on 35 years at KWTV.

Gary England: Focus man! We're pretty confident here at the lair that this storm system is under human control.

Mike Morgan: Impossible. Grant Johnston is performing baptisms behind me right now because this supercell is God's judgement on all seven people who live in Greer.

Gary England: I'm just telling you what we know. Stay with TV-9 we'll keep you advised. (The video phone snaps off.)

Mike Morgan: Conder! When Grant is finished with your baptism, I need more mousse. Also, we need to figure out someway to take care of our England problem.


Location: Back in Greer

As the tornado nears the ground, Sauter and Joe spring into action. Sauter steels himself as Smokin' Joe steams toward him with a fierce check. Sauter flies against the wind and reaches the funnel of the tornado. Grasping the tip with his teeth, the cyclone is stopped in it's tracks and debris no longer flies. Smokin' Joe begins attacking the funnel cloud with his hockey stick.

Meanwhile, a safe distance away, Val Castor resumes his public identity and films the storm (carefully avoiding direct footage of the battling superheroes). A Jeep Wrangler pulls up next to the Storm Tracker van.

"What can I do?" asks Lauren Richardson as she hops out in full Wonder Woman paraphernalia.

"It looks like they've got it covered," Val replies in reference to the tamed tornado, "it might be a little too easy, though. Hold on, I didn't think Gary sent you on this mission."

"He didn't, but I'm tired of staying on the sideline."

"You just have to be patient, L.R., it takes time to gain Gary's trust."

"Well, I don't plan on waiting. I'm going to make it happen."

"From the look of things, this just might be your chance."

Back under the wall cloud, things have taken a turn for the worse. While the rotation has been extinguished, a new threat begins.

"Did you feel that," Smokin' Joe asks as his helmet is pelted with ice. "That hail has to be the size of golf balls. Coach?"

Coach Sauter is unconscious on the ground as chunks of ice ricochets off his mustache. Thinking quickly, Joe shields him with his heavily padded body, but the piling of hail soon engulfs them both in an icy tomb. Until...

Lauren Richardson arrives. In her miniskirt and tube top flashing a winning smile, the hotness of Richardson melts the piles of ice and converts the supercell into an ordinary cumulonimbus cloud.


Location: The Storm Chaser Lair

Gary has Rick Mitchell on video phone.

Rick: So, I can tell my viewers to rest easy.

Gary: Assuming you have any viewers.

Rick: Because of the football game?

Gary: If that helps you sleep at night. Stay with TV-9 We'll keep you advised.

The video snaps off, and Gary is greeted as the triumphant crew returns to de-brief.

Gary: Great job, Val, Doug, Joe. Why are you here Lauren?

Val: Lauren saved the day.

Gary: Jump back! You were in Greer?

Lauren: (with pride in her voice) Absolutely!

Gary: But I didn't tell you to go. What if we had located the storm machine? You wouldn't have been available for duty. And you knew that Wayne was out of the state.

Lauren: The machine hasn't been located, though, so--

Gary: No excuses! How can I trust you if you usurp my authority?

Lauren: I-I...

Gary: That's enough! I'm too angry to hear the details right now. Val, comeback after the 6:00 broadcast. The rest of you are dismissed.


Location: On the street.

Lauren Richardson, back in street clothes, walks sadly to her Wrangler. The tongue lashing from the League's leader hurt, but there is something more to her despair. Perhaps some doubt about her place on the team, what she is allowed to do for the cause. As she fumbles for her keys, a black Lexus pulls up behind her. The window comes down to reveal...

Mike Morgan: Everything okay, L.R.? How about you take a ride with me?


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