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Justice League of Oklahoma (Part I)

Location: Beneath Doppler 9000 (The secret lair of the Storm Chasers)

Val Castor looks nervously at the monitor. "Gary, I have bad news," he calls out.

Before he can finish the sentence, Gary England, in full superhero garb, stops him. "Whoa, Nellie! Wall clouds are forming, a serious weather event is underway."

"You've seen the Doppler readouts?"

"No, I just know that a major sporting event is going on."

"That's right, the Patriots are playing the Cowboys in a possible Superbowl preview. You don't think it's a coincidence?"

"I'm sure it's not," says England resolutely, "but right now we have bigger fish to fry. Assemble the League."


Location: Cox Convention Center

The Blazers are practicing hockey. Players hit slap shots at the goal while others work on cross checking by slamming unwitting equipment managers into the glass. Near one faceoff circle, two players choreograph fight moves. Above them, on the scoreboard screen, the Patriots play the Cowboys.

Doug SauterCoach Doug Sauter (to no one in particular, while watching the players practice from the penalty box): That Tom Brady is good. Uh oh! That's the Severe Weather Update signal.

Voice from behind: You know what that means...

Without turning around, Coach Sauter responds, "We have work to do Smokin' Joe." Then toward the rink, "Practice is over fellas!"

Goaltender: But we just started five minutes ago.

Coach Sauter: Time flies when you're having fun.

Goaltender: What? I can't understand you through your mustache. We have Wichita next week...

But Coach and Joe are already gone. (cut to: Coach Sauter riding a horse shaped motorcycle with Joe Burton in the side car)


Location: Storm Chasers Lair

A circle of monitors points toward Gary England who breaks down the situation. A dastardly criminal with access to a weather machine is about to wipe Greer, Oklahoma off the map. "As always, I will update the public to the danger during commercials," England informs them.

From a monitor to his right, Lauren Richardson pleads with him to do more. "Shouldn't you interrupt the game?" she questions.

"It would do no good. This is Oklahoma, and when football is on, the only way to get people to take their ternado percautions is when there is timeout on the field. That's why this mission is so important."

"We're en route," Wayne Coyne explains from a monitor to Gary's left, "but it will take us some time to get there from Georgia. Luckily, our successful tour just ended."

"I have a readout here of what time your plane will cross over each town in the state. Keep on coming," Gary tells him, "but for now, we probably won't need your abilities. This one is mainly going to fall on Val and Doug. In the meantime, stay with TV-9, we'll keep you advised."


Check back next week for Part II.

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