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Oklahoma Initiative Ideas: 60 – 51

Well, we are half way through our 100 Ideas for the Oklahoma Ideas Initiative.  Remember to email us at TheLostOgle at gmail if you have any ideas that you would like to see on our list.

60. Name the BC Clark Christmas Jingle as the state's official song of Christmas.

We should also make all schools sing the jingle at their Christmas assemblies.

59. To help boost the sagging local fashion industry, change Sooner Mall back to Sooner Fashion Mall.

Admit it. The fashion industry is totally dead in Oklahoma. Maybe this will help bring it back.

58. Create a "3 magnet rule", in which no car shall have more than three ribbon magnets on at one time.

First of all, I stole this picture from our cool volunteering friends at OKGwidget. Second of all, we should probably push to make this a federal law. We should also ban most bumper stickers.

57. Have the water taxis in the Bricktown canal reenact famous naval battles.

There is really no good justification for this idea. We just think it would be cool.

56. Jail the guy that purchases 40 bags of ice melt from Lowe's the day before it snows 2-inches.

If this law is adopted, all Oklahomans would have the opportunity to clear their driveways of ice and snow after the inevitable winter storm, instead of just the old guy with nothing to do the day before the snow or ice "storm" hits.  One drawback to this is that the local news channels will have one less story to cover during Winter Weather Watch 2008.

55. Do something about the OETA Movie Club.

A month or two ago, a reader reminded us that the OETA Movie Club is still alive and still going strong on Friday nights. He then reminded us that he doesn't think the set has changed in 20 years. I asked if the show still plays the Gremlins theme as its theme song.  He confirmed.  At that point, we both felt kind of odd and ended our email discussion about the OETA Movie Club.

54. Officially change the name of Will Rogers Park to "That Gay Park."

And not that there is anything wrong with that park! 

53.Ban all forms of hunting unless the state's hunters agree to attack prey by hand or with crudely made slingshots.

We think hunting is kind of stupid. We think this because it is boring, pointless and insanely unfair.  Hopefully, this rule will at least help level the playing field a tiny bit and help save the lives of innocent animals.

52. Make Arbuckle Wilderness a state park.

I only added this one to the list so I could sing "The Animals are waiting for Yoooooou. Dah Dah Daaaaah." 

51. Reopen the cookie factory outlet store in Marietta.

But this time, make sure they manufacture and sell good cookies.

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