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Vote No For Kids

1:29 PM EDT on October 9, 2007

Sure, everyone likes kids.

Sure, everyone hates taxes.

Sure, everyone is embarrassed by Oklahoma's ranking in all educational rankings.

You know what else everyone hates, though?  Being told what to do.

And everyone is saying "Vote Yes for Kids on October 9th" (which just happens to be today).  Every day last week, I received a full color mailing with quotes from civic leaders like school board chairman Cliff Hudson, state treasurer Scott Meacham, and local billionaire Aubrey McClendon informing me to vote the way they think I should.  Yesterday, I had a message on my answering machine from Mayor Mick also trying to boss me around. 

"It will improve classroom facilities in our public schools," this group of politically diverse civic leaders says.

"It won't increase taxes," they say.

Well, what about the people who don't like kids and do like paying taxes?  Where is their equal time?  And considering that there has been no opposition on this bond issue, why didn't they just take the money that they used to fill my recycle bin with pretty cardboard and use it to buy computers for classrooms?

Alright, I had intended to make a tongue-in-cheek call for a rollout of "no" protest votes at this point of the post.  After actually thinking about it, though, I'd feel pretty guilty if the vote somehow fails.

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