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Jim Traber on “Canadian Television”

2:39 PM EDT on October 8, 2007

We've all heard Jim Traber mention to Mark Rogers, "Gentlemen, I talked about this earlier today on Canadian Television."  We've heard Jim say that so many times that we even made a "Canadian Television Rule" for our Jim Traber Drinking Game:

2. The Canadian Television RulePurchase a six-pack of Molsen Ice or Labatt's Blue and place one bottle in the middle of all the players. Whenever Traber mentions an appearance on Canadian television, everyone must yell "Tom Brennaman." The last person to yell "Tom Brennaman" must chug the entire beer.

But until today, there has really not been any local proof that Traber actually makes the occasional appearance on the small screens to the North.  We've always just taken Jim for his word, which is obviously a questionable thing to do.  That's why we are happy to share with you this clip we found of Jim Traber on "Canadian Television," which verifies his claim:

Poor Poor Canadians.  Some of my thoughts:

"¢  How many people from Toronto watch this and think, "Why the hell do we have some guy from Oklahoma City talking sports?"  Seriously.  This would be like The Oklahoma Sports Blitz having some weekly segment with one of Toby Rowland's friends from Indiana.

"¢  It's hard to believe that Traber doesn't have a problem with grown men crying.  I can't wait for the day he cries on air!  Oh wait...he does that every other day.

"¢  I wonder if he and Cal Ripkin watch these clips in their underwear?

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