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Bobby Reid’s Mother Is Litigious

By Tony

12:30 PM EDT on September 27, 2007

This story may have legs yet! It seems Bobby Reid's mother, Rajika, has looked thoroughly at Gundygate and decided that the aggrieved party is... Rajika Reid! In a case that we can only hope isn't settled out of court and is played out on CourtTV, Rajika Reid has decided that she is going to sue Jenni Carlson and the Oklahoman.

The first thought I had when I read this was "Wow, she's going to throw away all the good press OSU has built up over the past five days in an attempt to get a little money out of this!" And the second thought I had was "Wow, this is amazingly good news for" And then the third thought I had was "Hey, are those onion rings over there? Damn, they look good."

Personally, I think Jenni forcing herself to listen to Saliva is probably punishment enough, but perhaps a court of law will decide otherwise. What I do know is that if Bobby Reid's mother somehow wins this lawsuit, I'm hiring a lawyer of my own. Because that time John Rohde made fun of my go-kart driving skills will not go unpunished. He will pay through the nose.

EDIT: I see one of our readers beat me to the punch on this in the comments. Expect a lawsuit.

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