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Jenni Carlson has 35 friends. We are not one of them.

12:23 PM EDT on September 26, 2007

Well, maybe we're not done with Gundygate. Thanks to a reader tip, we have learned that the now suddenly famous Jenni Carlson has a MySpace page. I would suggest that you show your support to Jenni and send her a friend request, because if you can get over her terrible columns and trite features, she actually seems like pretty a cool girl to hang out with. Just check out her interests:


That's not too bad. She kind of looks like a bowler, so that's not unexpected. I do like how she mentions that Kelly Clarkson is her "guilty pleasure", yet she doesn't find it necessary to list any reasoning for enjoying Saliva and Linkin Park. Also, you would figure that Berry Tramel would appear as a hero, since he is the guy that hired her. Now to the "About Me."


When you read this "about me" and look at the tequila bottles in her house, you kind of get the feeling that Jenni may be a borderline alcoholic. As a fellow borderline alcoholic, I think this is kind of cool. Also, I it is odd that she wants to meet "people who are more interested in fun than in drama." Talk about irony. I guess that means that she wouldn't want to be friends with herself, because she seems pretty damn interested in drama.

Anyway, the direct link to her page is:

I would suggest you hurry up and check it out before it gets switched to private. And thanks to Mike for the tequila picture.

1:56pm Update: It looks like Jenni has already set her MySpace page to private.   Not cool!

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