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The Lost Ogle Is The New C-Span

1:54 PM EDT on September 25, 2007

Last week we got an e-mail from a nice guy who had a good suggestion for the site. After we thanked him, he e-mailed back and cryptically let it be known that is pretty popular these days at the State Capitol. I figured that he was being polite, and moved on with my day.

Then, I checked our inbox again, and found a link to this fancy thing has put together. Basically, it's a listing of Oklahoma's "Most Influential Political Blogs." And for some reason The Lost Ogle is #10.

Where to begin? The idea that this is a political blog seems to be quite a stretch. Sure, we take the occasional swipe at Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, and we enjoy using "Mary Fallin" and "State Trooper" in the same sentence as often as possible, but those are easy targets, fastballs down the middle. We spend most of our time doing things like alerting the world to Lauren Richardson and making fun of Bob Barry, Jr.

This wasn't started as or intended to be a political blog, so I'm wondering if the problem is BlogNetNews' program or if there are just so few political blogs there that this really is one of the most influential ones. I'm thinking it's the former, since Okie Funk isn't on the list and it is definitely more political and (hopefully) more influential.

In any event, if somehow this blog hasn't been blocked from capitol computers and for some reason there are people there actually reading this, I might as well take the opportunity to ask them if there is some way they could ban Dean Blevins from the airwaves? Or at least censure him or something? If this could get done, I will continue voting for you. At least until Gary England decides to run.

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