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Girls Of The Big 12 Are Hot, Probably Good At Baseball

By Tony

12:25 AM EDT on September 20, 2007


Last year around this time, Playboy released their "Girls of the Big 12" edition (the link is not safe for work). Ordinarily, a pretty exciting event. After all, we love to look at attractive women airbrushed to look even more attractive.

But this time around, rumors ran rampant throughout the internet that one of the OSU women featured is actually Sunni Kate Golloway, a daughter of OU head baseball coach Sunny Golloway. Bizarre, huh? We've finally been able to verify this with an independent source (and through the dated picture above), and are now proud to bring you The Lost Ogle's version of the Playboy picture located after the jump.

Be forewarned, this is pretty much NSFW, and those of you with rudimentary Google skills should be able to find the totally and completely NSFW version. Need help? Her bunny alias is Kelli Gallo. Get it?

For some reason, this makes us want to go to more OU baseball games. And thank you Sunny, for making the world a better place to live.

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