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Fun With Facebook

4:09 PM EDT on September 5, 2007

Tony already had fun with MySpace, but Facebook (being the sanitary, corporatized alternative that it is) was more difficult to use for material.  That was until I discovered the statistics for the Oklahoma City network.  After the jump, see what I found out about the interests of Oklahoma facebookers, and what it says about us as a whole.

Personally, I hate country, but it was unsurpising that it rated number one among OKC Facebook radio choices.  What really surprised me is that Coldplay was ranked #4 and that Coldplay is apparently a genre all unto itself. 

What this says about OKC:  The fact that the band ranks so high is how I can tell that Oklahoma City is gay.

Again, the most perplexing part is #4.  Family Guy is incredibly popular among the demographic that populates Facebook, while Grey's Anatomy and CSI are just behemoths of the Nielsen Ratings.  Then comes the #4 rated program:  Friends.  The show ended several years ago.

What it says about OKC:  Channel 34 should stop showing new programs provided by the CW network and show more syndicated re-runs.

It's hard to believe our city is the belt buckle of the bible belt after seeing this.  There seems to be a Life Church in every mile block, a religious bumper sticker on every car, and a suburb built as a Nazarene compound, yet God barely cracks our top 10 interests.

What it says about OKC:  Beware, a plague of locusts is on the way.

This is just ironic.  God is only ninth on the rankings for interest, six spots below reading.  Yet people seem to be reading mostly The Bible.  Then, best sellers.

What it says about OKC:  I'm not sure.  But To Kill a Mockingbird being #5 tells me that Freshman English teachers at OKC Schools are still assigning that book to their students.

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