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OU and OSU Weekend Betting Guide

Here is The Lost Ogle's official betting guide for this weekend's OU and OSU games. It's basically our picks for the games, plus some cool side-bets that we found. Enjoy!

OU (-41) vs. North Texas: When is the last time the OU offense played well in an opener that was not started by a QB who would eventually be a Heisman candidate? I would be surprised if the OU offense even scores 42 points, so take North Texas.

OSU (+6.5) at Georgia: Picking OSU to stay close in a road game opener against an SEC power is the equivalent to wearing one of those trucker style hats a few years ago. Sure, its trendy and the people on TV seem to like it, but when you actually do it you kind of feel like an idiot. Load up on Georgia. They should win by 14 or more.

Side Bets:
In addition to playing against the spread, there are a number of over/under and straight exotic bets that you can play on both OU and OSU. Here are some of the better ones.

+/- 3: The combined total of missed tackles and blown assignments committed by DJ Wolfe.

+/- 5: How many Sam Bradford incomplete passes it will take before 80,000+ people scream for Keith Nichol to be put in the game.

+/- 6: The number of amazing plays Bobby Reid must create before being benched in favor of Zac Robinson.

2-1: This year's group of OU Ruffnecks includes one slow fat guy that runs a good two seconds behind the rest of the crew during their dash toward the end zone.

4-1: That in the third quarter of the Georgia game, OSU Defensive Coordinator Tim Beckman finally gives up and sends out a unit without a defensive line.

8-1: That there is "only one" Joe John Finley.

15-1: That Bubba Moses is the former player who announces that there is "only one" Joe John Finley.

30-1: The Eddie Sutton throws one hell of an OSU-Georgia watch party.

40-1: That all non-OU graduates in attendance at the North Texas game refuse to sing "Alma Mater's Praise," resulting in only 1,723 people singing.

45-1: That Mike Gundy stabs and wounds Georgia defender Marcus Howard with his hair after the player commits a late hit on Dantrell Savage.

50-1: In a pregame video announcement, Bob Stoops implores OU fans to "boo the other team mercifully" and to "sack the mean green fans in the south corner of the stadium."

75-1: Before kick-off, Boone Pickens pays the ESPN announcing crew $2,000,000 to casually refer to OSU as THE Oklahoma State University.

100-1: Under heavy pressure from President Boren, the Pride of Oklahoma performs classic 70s hits from Barbara Streisand.

p.s.- I really couldn't think of a good picture for this post. Hence more Jessica Alba playing football.

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