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The Local Media Is Ballin’

On Wednesday, there was a media basketball game at the University of Oklahoma, featuring such luminaries as Al Eschbach (pictured hatless for the first time in history), Mark Rodgers, and John Helsley. James Hale also participated, which is strange, since this was supposed to be a media basketball game and it certainly seems like he's on the payroll of the OU athletics department.

Notable for his absence was Jim Traber, who talks a good game but usually disappears when it's time to step up to the plate (see: Knight, Robert Montgomery). It's probably better for all involved, of course. True story, I once saw Traber play a game for the Dead Airballs, the old WWLS basketball team, against the faculty of a local high school. At one point Traber became so enraged at the officiating that he threw the ball against the wall of the gym, walked off the court, and never came back in.

Speaking of Traber, the MVP of the game was Toby Rowland. If you've read our comments section, you've seen that reader Mark has informed us that Toby has challenged Traber to a one-on-one basketball game. This. Must. Happen. Please, anyone in Oklahoma City with any type of pull who happens to read this site, do everything you can to get this going. If it means hiring Toby to WWLS, so be it. The station would be better anyway.

Anyway, the writeup of the game is here, and please check out the photo gallery of the game. Yes, that picture of Eschbach is real.

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