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Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments: 50-41

50. Oklahoma Horseshoeing School: South Campus

Look. I understand that these things need to be taught somewhere, and if it's Purcell, Oklahoma, more power to them. But every time I'm driving north to OKC with someone who isn't from here and we pass the sign that says "Oklahoma Horseshoeing School," it's a guaranteed chuckle. By the time we get to the point where you can see the "South Campus" part, the chuckles have generally turned into howls of laughter. And where is the north campus anyway?

49. Color Me Badd

Everyone has their favorite Color Me Badd lyric, and fights have been known to break out at bars around the world when people start arguing about their own. Personally, this is mine:

Cause when I look in your eyes it's just not thereAnd when I hunger for affectionThe cupboard is bare.

Also, you'll notice that the album pictured above is the "Best of Color Me Badd." Something tells me it didn't have many tracks.

48. Ranger Roger

I knew Foreman Scotty. Foreman Scotty was a friend of mine. Ranger Roger, you're no Foreman Scotty.

47. The "Oklahoma is OK" license plate

I really want to know who the geniuses were that came up with this idea. Imagine the meeting: "Hey, lets put a really bad pun on our license plates! And also, make sure it provides only a tepid endorsement for the state! That's a great idea!" A 1988 survey named this license plate slogan 48th in the country, ahead of only Montana's "At least we're not Idaho" and California's "California: Leading the nation in death row inmates!"

46. The Boz

Steroids. Getting run over by Bo Jackson. ESPN's Top 25 Biggest Sports Flops. But mostly, he's here for Stone Cold.

45. Boise City, Oklahoma

The only city in the continental United States to be bombed during World War II. Actually, it was dastardly Texans that did it, so this is probably more appropriate on a Texas Embarrassment list, but that might be far too long a list for this incident to fit.

44. JR Smith

Provided OKC with our first taste of what a true NBA head coach/player spat is all about. Smith and Byron Scott played out their fued in the papers, with Scott flat out calling Smith a liar in the Oklahoman. Frankly, I thought it was all pretty entertaining.

43. Darrell Royal

This man is a traitor. He was born and raised in Hollis, and then starred at the University of Oklahoma. He still holds the school record for career interceptions. Then, in 1956, he bolted for the University of Texas, where he coached for 20 years and is still regarded as a hero to Texas fans. It should be noted that Clark Matthews is our token O-State fan here, and he has strongly voiced his opposition Royal's inclusion on this list. In fact, Clark claims that Royal should be "lauded as a hero on par with Mother Teresa." Sorry Clark, you're outvoted on this one.

42. James Marsden

I'm going to tread carefully here, because the last time we featured an actor on this list, the Megan Mullally fans were, to say the least, a bit upset. To be frank, I think I've only seen two of Marsden's films: Disturbing Behavior, which was horrific, and Zoolander, which was awesome, but I don't know who he played in that movie. I'm not interested in the X-Men movies, and I seriously wonder how you can look cool running around wearing this.

41. Gary Busey

Check out the movies Busey has been in over the past ten years or so. Busey is famous for a reason, and it ain't his acting ability. Although, I do think his performance as "Viper" in Motocross Kids is vastly underrated, and it's an absolute travesty that he was overlooked for an Oscar nomination.

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