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Mr. Monday Is Incomprehensible

By Tony

12:46 PM EDT on August 20, 2007

For all of you looking for today's installment of the Top 100 Embarrassments list, it will be up later this evening. Sorry for the delay; real life just got in the way for a bit.

In the meantime, could everyone please go read this column by Mr. Monday in today's Oklahoman and tell me just what the hell that's supposed be saying. I have read it twice and have no idea what that article about. It's so confusing that at this point I'm fairly convinced that Mr. Monday is Dean Blevins. Seriously, tell me that column doesn't sound like Deano.

Also, I managed to catch a few minutes of the Sports Animal late this morning which consisted entirely of Craig Humphreys and Bob Barry Jr. whining incessantly about Johan Santana taking himself out of the game yesterday after 8 innings and 17 strikeouts. As best I could tell, the point was that somehow by not trying to tie the record Santana is proving that he is not fit to wear the jockstrap of Roger Clemens. The idiocy of their argument aside, I found it amusing that the two biggest proponents of selflessness and being a "team player" were criticizing a player for NOT doing something for personal gain only.

That's all I've got for now. Sorry again for the delay on the list...

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