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The World Meteorological Organizaton Cracks Me Up

Who knew the folks at the World Meteorological Organization had such an awesome sense of humor? Right now, at this very moment, there is a tropical storm moving through the Atlantic Ocean, expected to reach hurricane status within days. The name given to this storm? Dean. Now, as far as I know, Patrick has not placed a Lost Ogle mole inside of the World Meteorological Organization, so this is either an amazing coincidence or someone at the WMO reads our blog.

From reading the weather updates, it sounds as if there is a 50% chance this will become a hurricane within hours, a 30% chance it will become a hurricane within days, a 15% chance it will not turn into a hurricane, and a 5% chance it will become a new "mystery weather phenomenon" that will be called a "Rick Neuheisal."

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