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Free Lauren Richardson!!!

This, my friends, is Lauren Richardson. Lauren is the upbeat and happy news 'reporter' for the KOKH Fox 25 morning show. I am introducing you to Lauren, because:

a: you probably had no idea that Lauren even existed
b: you probably had no idea that Fox 25 had a morning show, and
c: you need to update your personal "five hottest Oklahoma City news chicks" list

Need justification? Watch this odd, long YouTube clip of Lauren making frozen yogurt surprise at Braums:

We have to get Lauren a raise and promotion now! Young, attractive and blond news reporters that like to play with chocolate topping and whipped cream and say things like "My Cherry Fell Off" are irreplaceable. Hopefully, when the raise and promotion come, she won't sell out and start doing trite features like Maggie Carlo's "What Matters to You" or Amy Mcree's "Your Life...Your Way." Stuff like that is sad and boring, and about as fun as watching Toby Rowland and Ross Dixon share a banana split at Braums.

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