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A Retraction

With all apologies due to Senator Tom Coburn, it has recently come to my attention that I shortchanged him in my breakdown of him and Senator James Inhofe. In the "Crazy Ideas" category, I simply mentioned his belief that capital punishment should be extended to include obstetricians, a profession for which he is a member. I should also have added:

1. "Teachers should not allow more than one female student to use the restroom at a time."

Apparently, lesbianism is running rampant in southeastern Oklahoma schools. After polling the editors at, the official position of this organization is: "Why is that a problem?"

(Thanks to Tony for pointing out this omission.)

2. "Insurance companies should cover breast augmentation." is quicker to support the senator on this portion of his platform, but his reasoning is a bit perplexing. Dr. Tom points out that statistics prove that women who have breast implants are healthier. He does not point out that women who get boob jobs tend to be obsessed with their appearance, making them more apt to spend lots of time in the gym. Also, women who are obese usually have no need to go bigger.

(Thanks to my wife for pointing out this omission.)

This retraction makes no difference in the conclusion from the earlier article. It does, however, mean that Coburn was a clearer victor in the race for least bad legislator.

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