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Potential ‘Saving Grace’ Story Lines

As Tony pointed out a few weeks ago, and the promotional picture above clearly shows, the new TNT crime drama Saving Grace is going to be nothing more than a frustrating, stereotyped caricature of Oklahoma City life and culture. In case you live under rock that is under an anvil, here is a description of the show from TNT:

Academy Award®-winning actress Holly Hunter (The Piano) takes on the role of a cynical police detective facing a personal crisis of divine proportions in the provocative new drama series Saving Grace.

In her television series debut, Hunter stars as Grace Hanadarko, a tormented, fast-living Oklahoma City police detective who, despite being at the top of her field, takes self-destruction to new heights. After seeing tremendous tragedy in her life, both professionally and personally, Grace lives life hard and fast. She drinks too much, sleeps with the wrong men and defies authority. Grace has a tender side with her 22 nieces and nephews, but that is a side that most of the world doesn't get to see. It all catches up with her one night when, as she's driving too fast after too many drinks, she hits a man who is walking along the road. In an uncharacteristic moment, Grace asks for help, and she gets it "“ in the form an unconventional angel named Earl (Leon Rippy, Deadwood). Earl tells Grace that she is in trouble and running out of chances, but he wants to help lead her back to the right path. The journey, for both of them, will not be an easy one.

Okay...we know the show's going to suck and be frustrating, but it is kind of cool that a cable television crime drama is going to be actually set in Oklahoma City. To help celebrate this, here are some Saving Grace episodes and storyline ideas that I have come up with. These ideas feature real Oklahomans, and the rights to them can be purchased by an executive producer at TNT for the right price.  If you have additional or even better ones, please post a comment.

Color Me Dead:
Grace is hand picked by local officials to look into the tragic "accidental" poisoning death of Hinder front man Austin Winkler at a Color Me Badd reunion show at the Zoo Amphitheater. After several twists and turns, including a dramatic car chase through Bricktown, it is revealed that CMB member Bryan Abrams murdered Winkler out of sheer jealousy... jealousy related to Hinder replacing Color Me Badd as Oklahoma's most forgettable, famous and pathetic popular music act.

Dining with Deano:
Looking for a good bite to eat after a late night homicide investigation, Grace runs into Dean Blevins at the Interurban, and after being warned by Angel Earl, has a one night stand with the Oklahoma City Sports Legend. Several weeks later, she learns that she has contracted an STD.  She is 60% sure that the infection came from Deano.

In Your Corner:
After a severe thunderstorm, Grace's elderly neighbor, Edith,  is scammed out of $1,500 by a scam artisit who was paid to remove tree limbs and debris from her yard, but never did the work.  Grace, with the help of Angel Earl, calls on the assistance of local investigative angel Brad Edwards to locate and confront the individual.  At the end of the episode, the scam artist is captured, and returns the Edith her $1,500.  Meanwhile, a group of Eagle Scouts remove the debris at no charge. 

In the Mick of Time:
In the season finally, Grace uncovers a sinister plot by writer Clark Matthews to kidnap Chris Paul and Sonics GM Sam Presti.  Before she can stop him, Clark kidnaps the pair and hides with them at the Chesapeake Boathouse.   For effect, Grace rows to the boat house, and enters the building through the back entrance.  As she enters, Clark is waiting for her with a baseball bat from his little league sport days.  As he is about to hit Grace from behind, Mick Cornett and sidekick Aubry Mclendon jump from the celing, wrestle the bat free, and Clark Matthews goes to jail.  Grace then falls in love with Mayor Mick, creating an awesome story line for season 2.

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