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Is “105.3 The Spy” Coming Back?

1:43 PM EDT on June 14, 2007

It has been almost three years to the day that 105.3 the Spy was quietly and tragically pulled from the Oklahoma City airwaves and replaced with some "I'm eating lunch at Nino's" radio station.  Now, after reading a blurb in today's Oklahoman, I have a hunch that The Spy (static and all) may be returning:

WKY-AM 930 began a minute-by-minute automated countdown on Wednesday to draw attention to a format change that will go into effect Monday morning.

Station spokesman Dax Davis said he could not comment on the new format.

Since purchasing WKY from the Oklahoma Publishing Company in 2002, Citadel Broadcasting has operated the station under a news/talk format and most recently as a Spanish language music station.

So why exactly does news like this lead to me the think that The Spy is returning?  Because if you visit, you'll notice that it says:

Please come back! We are revamping our site to better serve you. Keep checking back because we know you will like what you see. You'll find more information, more news, more interactivity. It's all about more, more, more.

Maybe it's a strange coincidence, but why would the website for a radio station that's been dormant for three years say something like that?  Plus, do we really need the same Spanish channel broadcasting the same thing on both AM and FM.  Is the demand for "Te Gusta La Montaquella" that big?

Anyway, here's hoping that I am right.  If I'm wrong, we can always listen to the indie rock radio station based out of OU at 1710am.  Of course, if you live in Oklahoma City you have a better chance of hearing Jim Caviezel talk to his dead dad before picking up any actual music.

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