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TLO Restaurant Review: Good Gravy! Diner

A few years ago, I desperately wanted to try the much-mythicized Good Gravy! Diner at 8014 N. Western, but real life got in the way. Or, in other words, the damn stroke got me waylaid.

Recently though, I saw a recommendation pop up online that reminded me of its existence. So, just a few days after we settled into our new stomps off N. Penn, my girlfriend and I headed that way for our first Sunday morning breakfast as loving cohabitors. We even brought a friend along for a good gravy measure.

Truth be told, I had been wanting to try Good Gravy! Diner for a while because it was home to one of my culinary bucket list items – chocolate gravy.

It's one of the many accommodating gravy selections the restaurant provides, including other exotic concoctions like chorizo gravy, maple bacon gravy, and jalapeno onion ham gravy.

Good gravy indeed.

Going with a zig while everyone else zagged, my girlfriend chose a gravyless selection from the Local Favorite section of the menu – the Chorizo Egg Platter ($11.99). It was an egg scrambled with chorizo, cheese, tortillas, and hash browns.

While I am typically suspect of anglicized chorizo and eggs combinations, at Good Gravy it was a perfect combination. The chorizo was not too spicy and the eggs not too runny, piled on a warm tortilla that was put to good use. Ole!

My friend did most work of the work during our recent move, so I wholeheartedly treated him to one of his favorites – Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs ($14.00). A hand-battered chicken fried steak was covered in old-school white gravy, with two eggs, hash browns, biscuits, and sausage covered in sausage-jalapeno gravy.

Without a doubt, it was a filling meal! The tasty chicken fried steak was a pure Okie treat, covered and smothered in the peppery white gravy. But it was the sausage-jalapeno gravy on the biscuits that was something else, taking the meal to smothering heights. It was the right kind of spicy that made him clean his plate.

This breakfast was for me and only me because I had to have that chocolate gravy, at least once in my life!

I ordered the house specialty, the flagship Good Gravy ($12.69) breakfast with two eggs, turkey bacon—because I’m healthy—hash browns, and two of their homemade biscuits. But, even better, there was a flood-drenched bowl of the hot-blooded chocolate gravy. Check it and see!

While the formal breakfast was alright, the chocolate gravy and the well-worn biscuits stole the show. I slowly brought the gravy-covered biscuit to my mouth and took a bite…and I was flabbergasted! Much like the simple Mexican chocolate I grew up with, it was both familiar and alien, especially on the biscuit.

Not wanting the big bowl to go to waste, I dumped it on my eggs, hash browns, and turkey bacon, and even though I looked like a full-time scat model, the big ring of chocolate taste was a part of me now.

Good Gravy! is one of the best open secrets in Oklahoma City because whether it's cream gravy, brown gravy, jalapeno gravy, or defiantly chocolate gravy, it’s definitely a good time for breakfast this weekend. Have a heaping bowl.

Cómpralo ya!

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