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Ryan Walters mounts moronic offensive against PR neutering initiative…

On Friday, we told you about Oklahoma SB1122 – the legislation Oklahoma lawmakers recently sent to Governor Stitt to neuter Ryan Walters’s and Matt Langston’s ability to use taxpayer dollars to boost Ryan’s right-wing profile on the national stage.

Since one of the primary reasons Matt groomed Ryan to run for Superintendent was so they could use public funds to promote and enrich themselves, the news hasn’t been well-received by either of the edge lords.

As a result, they – along with their allies in the OKGOP – have mounted their own desperate and moronic PR campaign to try and combat the legislation, and pressure Governor Stitt into not signing it.  

The campaign boils down to three key and very typical bullet points: 

1. Lie & Distort. Ryan and Matt have wasted no time whipping up blatant falsehoods about the legislation passed by both Chambers of the Oklahoma legislature. They're trying to spin it as damaging legislation that will severely hamper and harm the Department of Education. We know this is a lie, because if that were the case Ryan and Matt would be all for it!

2. Play the Victim. Ryan is valiantly portraying the efforts to keep him from wasting taxpayers money as a cancellation attack on him – which is technically kind of true – that will prevent him from keeping Oklahoma safe from library porn, bathroom kitty litter, BLM / CRT / DEI, and all the other right-wing culture war topics out of schools – which is technically not true.

3. Blame The Boogiemen. Even though the legislation overwhelmingly sailed through the conservative supermajority chambers in the Oklahoma legislature, Ryan and Matt are painting it as a law pushed and promoted by RINOs, Wokes, Joe Biden, Liberal Teachers Unions, LGBTQ+ activists, the mentally fit, and all the other boogie men that terrify him and his supporters. 

Here are some videos of Ryan trying his best to spin this up:

Geeze, I wonder how much the Elk City Livestock Auction had to pay to get Ryan to wear that hat? I’m sure it’s funny to them and their heifers now, but they may want to talk to Seth Wadley about how that type of product placement can backfire on you!

With his messaging clear, Ryan and Matt have called on their right-wing allies, enablers, and supporters in the Oklahoma GOP, Baptist Home School Mafia, and God’s Misfit to raise their banners and attempt to pressure Kevin Stitt not to sign the legislation. 

For example, check out this email that the OK GOP blasted to its subscriber list this week. We acquired it via the Ogle Mole Network:

Important Update from Superintendent Walters

As you saw this past week, the proposed legislation to silence my voice and my ability to defend kids and fight back against the woke indoctrination happening in our schools.  We have never seen a more blatant political attack on a statewide government official.  We are seeing it on a national level where they are targeting President Donald Trump with gag orders and made up accusations.  This is now happening in our own state and within our own party. 

Why are they trying to silence the voices of Oklahoma parents?  Because the teacher's unions, LGBTQ+ radicals, and the liberal left have been losing the fight to indoctrinate our kids.  They found some in our very own party to help them stop me from exposing these assaults on our kids and families.

We have had huge successes from this past year that would not have been possible without a large vocal support:

1. Fighting DEI in our classrooms
2. Stopping Chinese infiltration
3. Eliminating porn in schools
4. Teacher signing bonus program: brought over 500 conservative teachers into Oklahoma classrooms.
5. Disaster relief program
6. Awareity - the system parents/guardians can use to report predators, sexualized books, parental rights violations, etc
7. Tulsa Public Schools making strides in the right direction
8. Exposing the union stranglehold on our classrooms

This attack, in the form of SB 1122, undermines the transparency and the ability of the Department to effectively communicate with the public.  I am asking each of you to stand with us in protecting the integrity and communication of our State Department of Education.


Ryan Walters

The email also includes a link to the website


Although the name of the site could make you think it was designed by one of Ryan’s old co-workers from McAlester High School – or some guy he went to Harding University with – it provides a link to a petition that says:

 “I support Ryan Walters as he’s the voice of parents and kids for Oklahoma. He’s stood with families to keep porn out of schools, protect religious freedom, and fight back against the woke leftist mob. He fights for all Oklahomans and we cannot silence his voice with SB 1122. 

I stand with Walters!”

I signed the petition hoping to see the names of Nathan Dahm’s friends who signed the petition, but it wouldn’t allow it. Womp womp. 

Anyway, I guess the question is will Ryan and Matt’s moronic offensive work and convince Kevin Stitt not to sign the bill?

I actually don’t think it will have any effect at all, but I also expect Kevin Stitt will either veto the legislation or just let it sit idle on his desk until the deadline to sign has passed.  

I’m not basing this opinion on any inside knowledge, but simple logic. 

It’s no secret that Stitt and Walters aren’t the bosom buddies they once were, but I don’t see why Kevin Stitt would want to go against his base, or silence or inhibit the primary distraction that occupies his opponents and helps keep the heat away from him. 

Seriously, what's the benefit? I don’t think there is one.

In addition to that, let’s not forget that Kevin and Ryan are still aligned on the common goal of privatizing public education from the inside. That campaign is going great, so why would Stitt want to screw up the momentum?

Plus, we’ve all heard the cliche “honor amongst thieves.” Well, I assume there’s also honor amongst grifters. 

Lastly, even if Stitt was considering signing the bill, I think his consultants would talk him out of it. 

For example, I bet Stitt’s polling and political strategist Chris Wilson – the guy who selected Stitt to officiate his super spreader wedding – would advise the governor to sit on the bill. This is for the reasons I outlined above, and, well, to help out his buddy Matt Langston...

Yep, no big deal. That’s just Ryan’s chief strategist and Stitt’s chief strategist sharing the stage at a right-wing convention in 2019. It’s hard to believe that Stitt appointed Ryan as Oklahoma’s Secretary of Education just months after that meeting, huh?

Anyway, I guess I could be wrong. Kevin Stitt’s a bit of a bone-headed maverick, so maybe he signs the bill just to throw everybody off. 

I guess we’ll wait and see. 

In the meantime, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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