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Ryan Walters not letting good tragedy go to waste…

The Lost Ogle would like to send our most sincere thoughts, condolences and good vibes to the people in Sulphur, Marietta and all the other Oklahoma communities that were hit hard this week by deadly tornadoes.

These fine people are not only having to recover from Mother Nature’s raging fury but also must deal with Oklahoma Public Schools Superintendent Ryan Walters arriving on the scene to exploit it.

Just weeks after Ryan penned an editorial for Fox News where he accused the “radical progressive left” of “never letting a good tragedy go to waste,” the hypocrite quickly hopped in his tan SUV and drove down to Sulphur so he could, well, not let a good tragedy to go to waste.

Here’s a video he left from Sulphur:

Yep, rest easy, Sulphur residents. Even though there’s no real reason for him to be there, Ryan Walters drove down and shot a video of some damage just to make sure you all knew he was there.

What a swell guy, huh?

I guess after he got his video footage in Sulphur and tried to impress a cop with his thumbs, Ryan drove over to Marietta to film more damage and grab a Robertson’s Ham Sandwich.

I have a quick question for all the birds who read this website. I appreciate you heckling Ryan while he’s out trying to exploit a tragedy, but next time can’t you shit on him instead? That would be funny!

The same goes for the Oklahoma wind. I think it’s cool that you messed up his wavy SS haircut, but next time go all out and blow him to Kansas.

“Whatever Patrick! All politicians do stuff like this! You’re being unfair to Mr. Walters!”

Yes, politicians love to tour natural disaster destruction when the cameras are running. That's true, but it's usually done by the Governor. Well, at least when he's not skiing.

Either way, if Ryan had any class he’d simply stay out of the way, let emergency responders do their thing, and do what his predecessor did and simply issue a generic statement.

But, alas, Ryan doesn’t have any class. As we know, he’s just a radical right-wing chode who pathetically never lets a good tragedy go to waste.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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