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Ryan Walters exploits Nex Benedict’s death for political gain…

In an effort to show that there’s literally no low where he won’t go, Ryan Walters is now exploiting the tragic death of an Oklahoma teenager in his never-ending culture war battle against the wokes. 

He did so in an editorial yesterday in Fox News. Check out this classy stuff:

The tl;dr from the editorial is that Ryan is salty that the Internet did what the Internet does and, in the early days following the death of Nex Benedict, spread a bunch of rumors, assumptions, and incorrect details about the teen’s death on social media. 

You know, stuff like this:

Just like with any current event that’s related to culture wars, a who’s-who selection of online activists, foreign bots, trollish propagandists, cowards with burner accounts, and other select members of the Twitterati latched on to the misinformation and – with the help of social media algorithms – spread the falsehoods everywhere.  

They also attacked Ryan Walters, saying he had “blood on his hands” thanks to all the divisive anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric he constantly spews out of his mad-man mouth.

As we now know, the facts surrounding Nex’s death were a lot different than what was originally being misreported and spread online. We learned that Nex is the one who actually initiated the fight in the bathroom, and as opposed to dying from vicious injuries sustained from it, she – like many troubled teens who face bullying, identity issues, abuse and other tolls on their mental health – sadly took her own life.

As opposed to chalking up the initial misinformation as an unfortunate side effect of today’s algorithmic media age – a festering problem that holds no political allegiance and affects every spectrum of online discourse – Ryan giddily took an awkward victory lap around the culture war battlefield, and used the online misinformation that was spread following Nex’s death as an opportunity to spread his own misinformation.

If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned GOP hypocrisy and projection, you’ll love the opening line:

‘Never let a good tragedy go to waste’ is the unspoken mantra of the radical progressive left, and that mantra has been hard at work in Oklahoma these past few weeks in the case of Nex Benedict.

Did you get that? It’s the radical left who says “Never let a good tragedy go to waste,” according to the radical right-wing bro who is doing the same exact thing. 

When Ryan – or how fancy DC speech writer – throws this shit together, are they now aware how hypocritical and absolutely stupid they sound?

Based on what else is in the editorial, apparently not. 

After going full hypocrite, Ryan took a gigantic mental leap, and tried to argue that the “woke mob’s” outrage over Nex’s death was actually due to their hatred or “school choice, traditional values, and the Oklahomans who believe in them.”

Indeed, the grotesquely distorted radical, progressive, Democrat narrative surrounding the death of a teenage girl in Oklahoma last month has been the source of a great deal of national media attention.  

However, this child’s memory and the truth of what actually happened to her are just the latest instances of collateral damage in the woke mob and corporate media’s efforts to smear school choice, traditional values and the Oklahomans who believe in them.

Yep. That’s right. 

“Radical, progressive, Democrats” and the “woke mob” weren’t mad about Nex’s death because it was a tragic circumstance, and emblematic of the mental health challenges that many teens – especially the ones whose lifestyle and identity are constantly criticized and vilified by right-wing propagandists, politicians and hypocritical dumbass school superintendents – face on a daily basis. 

You see “the woke mob” is actually outraged because they, uhm, don’t want students and parents to have the opportunity to choose their own school. Got all that?

Here’s some more stupidity:

They continuously tried to co-opt this story into a tale of martyrdom, where everything they claimed that this was all from a so-called "climate of hate and bigotry" and allege some deluge of new information about harassment in Oklahoma’s public schools because of the values that the Oklahoma State Department of Education has been working to reinstill in public education. 

That is not hyperbolic in the least. If you believe the leftist opinion headlines, this tragedy was a direct and inescapable outcome of making students use bathrooms that correspond with biological reality. 

In response, hundreds of LGBT organizations and activists called for me to step down. Now, as then, I will disappoint the woke mob and give them every reason to run back to their keyboards and spin even more dishonest rhetoric.

That’s great! 

“Go back to the keyboard and spin even more dishonest rhetoric!” says the guy writing the Fox News op-ed that attacks straw men and drips with dishonest rhetoric. 

After gleefully setting the record straight that Nex’s death was determined to be a suicide, Ryan closed with one more round of projection of hypocrisy: 

It is still despicable that anyone would not only so brazenly use a thing as horrific as a child’s death to gin up political discord for personal gain. It is even more despicable that so many would willfully and knowingly turn a blind eye to the facts, simple reason and basic human dignity to keep the whole thing going once contradicted.  

This mob and its rabid propaganda cannot change the facts of Benedict’s death any more than they can change the simple realities of human biology, no matter how much bile and misinformation they spew into the public discourse. 

First of all, that’s a nice little closing dig at non-binary students like Nex. With positive words like that from political leaders, I don’t know why so many teens struggle with mental health issues, and feel unnecessary guilt and confusion over who they are. 

Also, Ryan and I do agree on one thing – it is despicable that anyone would brazenly use a thing as horrific as a child’s death to gin up political discord for personal gain. I guess that's why I think Ryan is such a despicable asshole.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.  

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