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OKC Crypto Bro still sharing fanciful viral lies on TikTok…

Another one of his far-fetched "stories" has gone viral on the platform.

I guess the phrase "Once a liar, always a liar" still carries some weight.

Last month, we told you about a local crypto brah named Wesley Nysm.

He’s the liar who shared that deceptive, totally made-up video about the OKC swat team storming on TikTok. His story – which, once again, was totally false – generated millions of views on the platform, and earned him and his wife thousands of dollars. 

Here's it is:

After being caught by Channel 5, Wesley claimed his sad, desperate, and very calculated attempt to mislead people into viewing and engaging with his content and boost his profile was “satire,” even though it wasn’t, which inspired us to make fun of him. 

Well, I guess it's safe to say Wesley learned his lesson.

Instead of telling lies that involve the OKC Swat Team, he's now resorting to telling lies that involve the Oklahoma City Fire Department!

In his latest video to go viral, Wesley claimed his angry mom sabotaged him and his wife's $9,000 gender reveal party at the Wyndham Hotel in Downtown Oklahoma City by lighting a cigarette inside the building, which allegedly triggered a fire alarm and set off the sprinkler system.

Even though sprinkler systems are set off by heat and not smoke – a fact that Wesley and most people on TikTok aren't smart enough to know – the story was bought hook, line and sinker by mindless moms and gullible grandmas, garnering a couple of million views and even some national tabloid media coverage.

Check it out:

Sure, Wesley gives off just enough white trash vibes to make the conversation with his mom seem believable – and his long, wide-set eyes do make him seem like the type of guy who would drop $9,000 on a gender reveal party – but I still can't believe people bought that. If going viral on TikTok is that easy, then maybe it's time for me to make a career change!  

"Whatever Patrick. Quit being such a fun-hating cynic! Maybe Wesley is telling the truth. Also, did I tell you a Nigerian Prince just sent me $5,000,000 in Bitcoin? He just needs me to send him my checking account info so he can deposit it. It's my lucky day!"

On the off chance that a sprinkler system at a major downtown hotel can be set off by the smoke from one cigarette, I emailed the city to see if the fire department responded to a call at the Wyndham Hotel on February 22nd @ 3pm – the date and time the alleged $9,000 gender reveal party took place.

This is what the city said...

Although it only took an email to the city to confirm Wesley was lying again, the journalism stalwarts at the NY Post still took the bait. 

They did zero fact-checking and amplified Wesley’s deceptive lie to their online audience.

I know the NY Post isn’t a bastion of reliable news and reporting, but that's as pathetic as lying on TikTok to boost your engagement!

Then again, I doubt they care. This is the NY Post. Just like Wesley – and, well, us – they care more about clicks than anything else.

Anyway, I don’t know if we’re supposed to congratulate Wesley or be mad at him over his pathological TikTok lying.

On one hand, TikTok is nothing more than a foreign-owned digital poison that’s sending our country deeper and deeper into a fuel-fledged idiocracy – a place where the dumbest of the dumb and lowest of the low congregate to share dancing videos, lip-syncing duets, and a whole smorgasbord of algorithmically targeted stupidity and propaganda.

If some conman has figured out a way to game that system, and make tens of thousands of dollars in the process, more power to him. 

Then again, it’s hard to root for a liar who takes advantage of dumb people. If Wesley is going to go down that path, he should pursue a more honorable occupation and become a car dealer, pastor, or Oklahoma politician.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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