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TLO Restaurant Review: Aurora

I thought I had eaten at most of the restaurants in the Plaza District, but as I was driving the neighborhood late one afternoon, I realized that I had forgotten one of the few breakfast spots in the area – Aurora, 1704 NW 16th St.

I had heard about their "farm fresh" breakfasts and cinnamon rolls, but every time I found myself in a more breakfast mood, I found myself visiting somewhere else.

But this time, I was really in the mood...

Last week, with my girlfriend at my side, we parked our car along NW 16th and made a wet and rainy trek to Aurora's front door.

Inside we were greeted by a warm, welcoming, and very packed restaurant. We put our names on the list, and after about a thirty-minute wait, were taken to our table.

As soon as we sat in the cozy quarters, we ordered our respective drinks – me with the black coffee ($4.00), her with the sugar-free vanilla cold brew coffee with oat milk ($5.00).

They arrived quickly, and we placed our orders.

For our starter, our waitperson suggested the Cinnamon Roll ($8.00), and what a mighty cinnamon roll it was!

With the classic icing and warm butter sliding down my fork, the toxicly sweet smell of cinnamon, yeast, and sugar wafted to my nose, giving me a case of sugar vapors. As I shoved it into my mouth, I was taken aback by its tender softness, delicate sweetness, and cinnamony kick. I could see us together, chasing the moonlight, me and that cinnamon roll.

It's not only one of the best sweets in the Plaza District, but OKC in general.

Not too long after the cinnamon roll was devoured, our breakfast entrees arrived.

My girlfriend tried the Pulled-Pork Hash ($15.00). A wild amalgam of tastes, it's a sweet sarsaparilla-braised pork served with breakfast potatoes, sauteed onions and peppers, and two over-medium eggs.

This takes the old-school hash moniker to a whole new level. The sarsaparilla gave the pork a unique sweetness that's a total crowd-pleaser, while the fried potatoes, sauteed onions, and zingy peppers paired great with it and the eggs.

I'd also like to give some kudos to their Carolina-inspired barbecue sauce. It was tangy and vinegary like the sauce should be.

I have had multiple people tell me folk-lore lore legends about Aurora's biscuits, so for my breakfast, I made the Plaza Jam ($12.00) my uber-jam.

Featuring crispy bacon, cream cheese, a scrambled egg, and their homemade tomato jam on top of world-class biscuits, I was so ready to try this…

This wholly amazing breakfast sandwich, with two towering biscuit-halves, layered with the supple bacon, the subtle cream cheese, and a perfectly scrambled egg, glued itself together with the simply savory tomato jam.

Usually, with breakfast sandwiches, it's just one quick meal, lickety-split. But here, it is a full meal where you want to savor the experience, especially with the cream cheese and the tomato jam. And don't forget the biggest biscuits!

As we packed up our leftovers and paid the bill, I simply had to have another bite out of my slathered biscuit. I can’t believe it took me so long to enjoy Aurora!

Cómpralo ya!


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