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Kevin Ogle warns spring breakers about Jelly Fish orgasms…

With spring break just around the corner, KFOR Channel 4 threw together a nice, topical fear-mongering report to both warn – and scare – people about some Blue Dragon sea slugs that are making their way to the sandy beaches of Galveston.

While telling people about the slugs – which pack an extremely painful sting that feels like hundreds of needles scraping across your skin – it appears that KFOR’s Kevin Ogle had more enjoyable spring break activities on his mind:

That’s awesome. I’m always down for a good TV news blooper, especially when it’s sex-themed. It was almost as fun as the time Linda Cavanagh told people about the new Dele Cat Essen on NW 23rd:

Anyway, I guess if you go to Galveston this week and hear some jelly fish moaning or see them wiggle their toes, be extra careful. There’s a good chance a sea slug may be approaching.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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