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Lawmaker Launches Holy Crusade to Put 10 Commandments in Oklahoma Classrooms…

10:30 AM EST on January 5, 2024

We’re in the early stages of OK Legipalooza 2024 – the time of the year when Derplahoman politicians introduce pandering, wacko, usually unconstitutional bills to appease religious zealots, conservative nuts, and other sects of the right-wing voting base – and already some of their more crazy proposals are making headlines. 

For example, State Rep. Jim Olsen – the creepy Uncle Fester of the Oklahoma legislature – has taken a queue from Ryan Walters and introduced unconstitutional legislation that will force all Oklahoma public school classrooms to clearly display the 10 Commandments.

His buddy Ryan Walters – the state public school superintendent who's openly called for God to be put back in Oklahoma schools – loves the idea:

The fact that Jim Olsen is the author of the bill isn't a big surprise. He's a hard-core religious indoctrinator who's always introducing crazy bills, like this one that would protect a parent's right to try and pray away their kid's gayness.

Here’s what he had to say about the 10 Commandments indoctrination.

“The Ten Commandments is one of the foundations of our nation,” Olsen said in a news release. “Publicly and proudly displaying them in public school classrooms will serve as a reminder of the ethics of our state and country as students and teachers go about their day. It is my prayer that this display would inspire our young people during their formative years and encourage them to lead moral, principled lives.”

First of all, since right-wing lawmakers love to project their own guilts, fears, and insecurities when it comes to crafting legislation, I wonder what types of skeletons, clown costumes, and women’s underwear Olsen is hiding in his closet?

Second, I have a better idea!

Instead of putting the 10 Commandments in Oklahoma classrooms, let’s etch them in stone and display them at the Oklahoma capitol! Because if anyone needs to be encouraged to lead moral, principled lives, it’s Oklahoma lawmakers!

Wait. I think our state has already tried that and it didn’t work out well. 

Although I'm sure the courts would rule this law unconstitutional, I’m actually fine with the 10 Commandment Monuments being displayed in classrooms, but only under one condition – students get to worship a Golden Calf during the morning announcements! 

That seems like a fair compromise, right? 

You do have to admit, it would be funny to watch an outraged Ryan Walters storm into a classroom, rip the 10 Commandments texts off the wall, and try to smash them into the ground like Moses, especially that whole line about adultery.  

But seriously, I say this as a proud agnostic'ish-atheist who thinks all organized religions are weird and goofy – who cares if they staple a copy of the 10 Commandments on a classroom wall by the pencil sharpener?

I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life.

From exercising my right to vote inside a church to being forced to participate in a mass prayer ritual before an NBA basketball game to being cut off daily by people with LifeChurch.TV bumper stickers on their car, having the Christian religion crammed down my throat is a constant part of Oklahoma life.

If putting a copy of 10 ancient mythological laws makes the self-righteous feel better about themselves, go for it. Who cares? What does it matter? We might as well prepare all the non-Christian kids for life in Oklahoma while they’re young!

That being said, I can see how most sane people would feel differently. 

According to the US Constitution – a real-life list of laws that probably should be displayed in classrooms – the Government isn’t supposed to endorse any religion. When you consider one of the commandments prohibits the worship of any non-Christian gods, well, that’s a pretty big endorsement of one religion over another one. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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