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Thou shalt not commit typos when engraving a granite 10 Commandments monument…

6:07 PM EST on November 15, 2012

Earlier today, a 10 Commandments monument was unveiled on the northern grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The monument was apparently installed to remind our lawmakers how archaic and bizarre Oklahoma legislation can truly be.

From what I've heard, the monument looks great...other than a couple of typos. English teacher Moses would not be proud.

From KOKH Fox 25:

A Ten Commandments monument unveiled at the state capitol Thursday comes with a mistake. The 6-foot-tall monument has the word "Sabbath" spelled "Sabbeth."

However local pastors and online sources all show Sabbath spelled with an "a" and not an "e."

The word "maidservant" also appears misspelled. The "v" appears to be a "u," spelling the word "maidseruant."

Fox 25 contacted State Representative Mike Ritze, who paid $10,000 for the monument. Rep. Ritze told us he saw prototypes before the monument was erected, but did not see the final version.

Rep. Ritz said Tulsa-based SI Memorials made the monument. Fox 25 tried calling the business, but it was already closed for the day.

Here's a pic of the carnage that was posted to Twitter by KOSU's Michael Cross:

Before you leave a nasty comment, no, I do not moonlight as a monument engraver. Had I been contracted to do the work, I would have included a couple of rules of Fight Club.

Also, I spotted a third typo. Can you find it?

Thanks for reading!

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