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Report: Jeff Lebby really likes his father-in-law

12:02 PM EDT on September 11, 2023

On Saturday night, OU defeated SMU by a count of 28 – 11 in a ho-hum game between two teams that will likely be playing in unrecognizable bowl games in December. 

Although the game itself was boring and kind of lifeless, OU still found a way to make things interesting thanks to offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby. 

ICYMI, Lebby was seen on the field after the game with his father-in-law Art Briles – the disgraced college football coach who oversaw the Baylor football program as it descended into evil, hedonistic, win-at-all-cost madness

Here’s a pic snapped by Parker Thune – a member of the OU homer media – that’s been viewed over 1.5 million times on X, the platform the media likes to remind you was formerly known as Twitter. 

Say what you want about Art Briles, but he did a good job going incognito as a 60-something OU fan who pours whiskey into a cup while standing inside a men’s stall in the bathroom at halftime! If you didn’t really know who he was, you would never have known who he was!

As you’re probably aware, the photo led to near-instant outrage by people who don’t think a guy like Art Briles – regardless of his relationship with an OU coach – should be anywhere near OU’s field during, before, or after a game. 

This moralistic outrage generated near-equal outrage from diehard OU football fans who really don’t care who’s on the sidelines as long as OU wins football games.

Although a lot of people were using the pic as an excuse to further hate OU, I can see why legit OU fans were upset by the photo.

Based on everything I’ve read, Art Briles – like a lot of football coaches – seems like a pretty terrible guy. He ran a hideous college football program that routinely looked the other way as players committed rape after rape, and developed a culture where anything goes as long as you win football games. 

You know, kind of like the OU football program under head coach Barry Switzer! People don’t seem to mind it when the ole’ Bootlegger’s Boy is on the field after the game, do they?

If you’re bored, go back and read that infamous SI article about Barry Switzer’s OU football program. From gang rapes to shootings to drug dealings, it details all the incidents that involved OU players during the Switzer era that were actually reported by the media... not the ones that were likely covered up with the help of influential alumni, law enforcement, university officials, and wealthy boosters. 

But that’s another article for another day. 

As the image circulated around social media, The Sell-outs Guerin Emerig asked Lebby during the postgame press conference if he invited Briles onto the field. Lebby ignored the question, and instead gave a patronizing response that explained his connection to Briles on

When asked about Briles during his press conference, Brent Venables kind of threw his hands in the air like he was facing a tough game management decision. Athletic Director Joe Castiglione, on the other hand, quickly issued this response as the dust settled on Owen Field.

Listen, I think we can all admit Lebby was in a tough spot. He can’t help it that his kid’s grandfather is a terrible dude. It’s a lose-lose situation for him. Either you’re going to piss off your wife and her side of the family and tell your father-in-law he’s not allowed on the field with everyone else, or you’re going to piss off a good chunk of your fanbase, the national and local media, and – most importantly – the optics-aware administration that hired you. 

What’s a guy supposed to do?!?

Well, I’ll tell you what he’s not supposed to do. Defiantly double-down on social media…

Geeze, give Lebby credit for taking a weird and awkward situation and making it worse. If the guy’s play calling doesn’t make you question his decision-making, the way he’s handling this sure as hell does.

Seriously, what is Lebby doing? He pretty much has a lifetime excuse to avoid hanging out with his in-laws, and is instead falling on a grenade for them. Know how many people would die for that situation?!

“I’m thinking we should stay a week at my parent’s house over Christmas. The kids would love it.”

“Yeah, but what about the 17 women alleging 19 incidents of sexual or domestic violence while your dad coached at Baylor. We should probably stay here instead.”

“Yeah, but you coached with him at Baylor and were part of the culture he fostered and created. Plus, he did help launch your coaching career.”

“Well, how about we just invite him down for the SMU game instead? ” 

I guess that’s the elephant in the room here, and was the elephant in the room when OU hired Lebby to lead the offense a few years ago. It makes you wonder if the program should have hired a different offensive coordinator to run their gimmicky high school hurry-up offense, then they wouldn’t be put in this awkward situation.  

Then again, the administration knew what they were getting themselves into when they pried Lebby away from Ole’ Miss:

Although you have to question Lebby’s bizarre mafioso devotion to his in-laws, most of the blame here falls on Art Briles. 

The guy knows he’s a controversial pariah who will forever be linked to one of the worst scandals in college football history, yet he still put his son-in-law in the uncomfortable position of being loyal to either his job or his family. In case you needed more proof that the guy is a self-centered assshole, there you go.

I have an idea for Briles – next time take your grandkids to Braum's after the game like all other grandparents. Don’t ask to run around on the field after the game and jeopardize their dad’s coaching career!

Well, that’s if there is a next time. 

Lebby’s open defiance and dedication towards his father-in-law really makes you wonder if he’s the right fit for OU. Then again, this University is the same place that worships and deifies Barry Switzer, so maybe he is. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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