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Ryan Walters stalked his wife…

Well, at least that’s what his wife told their wedding photographer.

As the all-knowing oracle behind The Lost Ogle, I’m proud to announce that I recently obtained the engagement photos for Oklahoma’s education power couple – Ryan and Katie Walters. 

Snapped way back in 2010 – before Ryan was a culture war-fighting authoritarian theocrat being investigated by the FBI – the photos portray a simpler, happier time in the tennis-loving couple's existence, long before the stresses of parenthood, politics, and the Harbor Mountain Coffee Shop began to dominate their life. 

Here are some photos of the beautiful couple:

What cuties, huh? I think my favorite pic is where Ryan whispers sweet nothings about porn in schools into Katie’s ear:

I also like this one where they're standing in front of either a car's headlights and/or a pile of burning library books:

The photographer left a little blurb about the shoot and inadvertently revealed some breaking news about how the couple met – Ryan stalked Katie!

Check this out:

Yep, breaking news! 

Ryan Walters – the guy who warns us all about liberal groomers, indoctrinators, and other terrorists entering the teaching profession – stalks women, which if I’m not mistaken, now makes him qualified to coach football at any Oklahoma public school!

Seriously, what a creeper! I wonder what stalking tactics he used? Did he go the traditional route and drive by Katie's house late at night or show up unannounced to her work, or did he simply monitor what bathroom she used or call in bomb threats instead? We need details! 

“Come on, Patrick. She was obviously joking around! Women always say that about creepy men they date and end up marrying.”

Yes, I acknowledge there’s a decent chance Katie was simply joking around, and making light of Ryan’s controlling nature and obsessive courtship tactics, but…

A) The photographer sure did think it was “honesty at its core.”

B) As Ryan taught us with the recent librarian TikTok fiasco, you should always interpret everything literally. That’s why I expect Libs of TikTok – a social media account that’s obviously concerned about Oklahoma education – to share this article for the world to see.

Anyway, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Ryan stalked his wife. His dark aimless eyes have always yelled creeper. Plus, I think stalking is how 67% of all rural relationships are forged. 

We’ll continue to follow this obviously breaking story and provide updates as they are available. You can view all of Ryan and Katie's engagement pics at the photographer's website until they are likely taken down. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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