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Lawmaker tries to explain away dumb comments about Tulsa Massacre…

On Friday afternoon, Oklahoma lawmaker Sherrie Conley – the co-author of our state’s CRT ban who spells the word Clan with a K – joined Ryan Walters to become the second politician this year to apologize for saying absurdly moronic and racist things about the infamous 1921 Tulsa Massacre.

In case you missed them, we covered her original thoughts on Friday morning. They were published in a Frontier article about how Oklahoma educators are now scared to teach an honest and accurate account of the Tulsa Massacre because of Conley’s CRT law:

Know what else is a terrible tragedy in our state? That we elect certified morons like Sherrie Conley to public office!

Seriously, do the hairspray chemicals in her mane interfere with the transmission of neurons in her brain?

In one stupid quote, she managed to offend both the racists who take pride in the Tulsa Massacre and the non-racists who are appalled and ashamed by it. I guess that’s the risk you when pandering to racist voters with racist legislation while trying to come across as non-racist to various donors and corporate interests. 

Conley’s comments apparently ruffled the feathers of GOP leaders who try to appear sympathetic towards the Tulsa Massacre, so she went woke and tried to walk back the comments on Friday.

Here’s what she told the publication: 

Recently, comments I made about the Tulsa Race Massacre were published in a story regarding the impact of House Bill 1775 on education curriculum in Oklahoma. I want to take the opportunity today to clarify those comments. The Tulsa Race Massacre is a well-established and tragic part of Oklahoma history. My comments were in no way meant to downplay the horror of this event nor to say that it did not have anything to do with race. It is a well-established historical fact that the Tulsa Race Massacre was motivated by race. I was attempting to convey that I can never know another individual’s true intent because I cannot think their thoughts, nor was I alive during the time this event happened. I would like to apologize for any hurt caused by my statements; that was never my intent. 

Ok, you can't understand what they were thinking because you weren't there and can't read minds! Makes sense. By that logic, I guess we can't understand anything about anyone, so we might as well cancel all history classes and shut down all the psychology departments. Hell, we might as well toss out all the stuff we’ve learned from the Bible, too. Problem solved!

Here’s more:

We must all work together as a state to examine the root causes of these traumatic events in our history and find solutions that help us move forward. I believe that the history of our state and nation should be taught fully, the good and the bad, so we can confront the difficult challenges of our past, and work together toward a unified future.”

Yep. We need to “examine the root causes of these traumatic events” and teach “the good and the bad.” I’m all for it, but didn't she write a law that banned the teaching of certain aspects of that same history? That’s like saying you want to bake a cake but not use sugar. 

Anyway, now that Conley has officially apologized and clarified her remarks, I guess we can wait around to see which Oklahoma politician will say something dumb about the Tulsa Massacre next. Leave your predictions in the comments. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised 

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