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Ryan Walters uses China-made car seat!!!

10:23 AM EDT on August 3, 2023

It looks like we have a radical communist in our mists, comrades!

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Langston-Walters inadvertently revealed he puts the life of his children in communist hands by strapping them into Chinese-made car seats

Yep, that’s right. Ryan the Red is a supporter of communist China!

Naturally, we learned this while Ryan complained about a Chinese language program being taught at (gasp!) a school in Tulsa. 

Yes, China won't be allowed in our schools... but it's okay to put it in your car!

In all honesty, I appreciate Ryan mixing things up a bit and grandstanding on the China topic. There's only so much woke trans kitty liter George Soros BLM CRR stuff to toss out there, so it's nice to see him test market something new in his never-ending culture war attention campaign.

In fact, I think it’s rather fun and amusing to see a politician who uses his elected office to target political opponents and enemies, impose his religious beliefs on the youth, and, naturally, vow to send teachers and other defectors to patriotic history reeducation camps, turn around and then complain about the very same totalitarian regime that seems to inspire him.

Seriously, what’s next? Ryan warning us about the caffeine levels found in lattes and cappuccinos at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House? I'm pretty sure he and his wife were some of their best customers!

For what it’s worth, Ryan’s red scare video is grounded in some truth. I guess there’s some Chinese government-backed non-profit that provides grants to schools to teach kids Chinese, and Booker T. Washington in the Tulsa Public School District is one of them.

Although I think that’s pretty harmless, the self-righteous culture war flame-throwers have used the program to stir division and fear, and help build and advance their “PuBliC ScHoOl iS BaD” narrative. 

I guess that's fine.

If you find the Chinese-government subtly funding a foreign language course in American schools alarming, especially while reading about it on your Chinese-made phone while sitting on a Chinese-made toilet, all power to you. I admire the hypocrisy. 

Anyway, now that we know Ryan is anti-China, it will be interesting to see what he does about the Chinese-produced car seats he uses to transport his children. Will he switch over to an American-made model, or continue to indoctrinate his kids in Communist-style safety? I guess we’ll have to wait for his next car video vlog to find out. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

h/t @dallassooner

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