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TLO Restaurant Review: HunnyBunny Biscuit Co.

11:55 AM EDT on June 13, 2023

With a cute name and a cuter menu, HunnyBunny Biscuit Co., 429 N.W. 23rd. is, for all intents and purposes, a cute restaurant for cute people for their cute breakfast cravings. Cute.

With my stroke recovery throwing a wrench into my meal schedule, breakfast is usually not in the cards, which explains my odd arrival times to various diners around the state.

But, with practice and follow-through, I've gotten back on a traditional mealtime track and hit up the aforementioned HunnyBunny, finally ready to see what all the cutesy fuss is about.

And, to be sure, what a fuss it was!

With my own brunch treat on the side, we showed up around ten in the morning, with the aroma of fresh coffee filling up my sinuses with the breakfast crowd. With the menus in tow, I introduced my brave new world to all the delectable offerings, and after much debate, we got our orders in.

While the crowd here is far different that what I am used to—the youth pastor vibes are all around me, natch—the building gave off a distinct aura and tone, with the crowd noise growing louder with each second. It made talking a little moot, but, thankfully, the food came to our table, so talking wasn’t necessary.

I started with my own “Whistle Wetter’—that sounds like a porn act but, I swear, it’s not—with the Honey Latte ($6.00), which is a latte with, I guess, with honey in it. And even though that sounds like a sweetly carnal act of passion, it was very good, with all the sweet honey in the bottom of the cup.

Once more, I assure you, it’s not a porn act.

My partner started her meal with a cold coffee drink and a luxurious Benny— a hearty open-faced egg benedict. She chose Smoked Salmon ($13.00) as protein, which came topped with the standard batch of poached egg, arugula, and a helping of hollandaise.

An inspired choice, the Benny was absolute perfection. It was well-cooked and well-pampered, and the poached egg was not runny as the knife tore it open, unleashing the rounded ovum, with the hollandaise sauce making it the perfect accent to breakfast. If you love smoked salmon, it is highly recommended!

With my own burning love of a fresh biscuit, I had the hunka-hunka of edible art, the Velvet Elvis ($8.00) biscuit sandwich. On a fresh biscuit, slathered between the exciting peanut butter and slices of banana, there is thick-cut bacon with a little dap of honey on top.

Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising! With the tempest of tater tots ($3.00) on my side, this breakfast sandwich gave me all the things I wanted, from the heat of the bacon to sweets on the bananas, making this an heir to the throne of the greatest breakfast of all-time, with a lip-snarl to boot.

With a resounding shimmy in my step and my own honey bunny in tow, the breakfast-time meal recharged my batteries… sadly though, I promptly went home and took a long nap into four o’clock hour. Cómpralo ya!


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