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OHP Troopers were involved in Owasso Golf Course brawl…

12:49 PM EDT on May 10, 2023

It looks like the Oklahoma Highway Patrol may want to launch an MMA training program!

Last week, a viral video showing a well-trained pack of MMA golfers decisively winning an outdoor brawl at the Bailey Ranch Golf Club in Owasso made the rounds on the Internet.

Here it is in case you missed it:

Outside of some people obviously winning and other people obviously losing, details about the fight have remained a bit of a mystery. That includes the identity of the people involved.

Well, until now. 

While I was working on this write-up, The Tulsa World reported that OHP is “currently looking into an incident involving off-duty troopers at the Baily Ranch Golf Course in Owasso.”  

The OHP isn’t naming the troopers, but according to the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned that two of the people allegedly involved State Troopers Justin Mathew and Will Landsheft.

First of all, I’d like to thank our Mole for pointing out that some lady threw a beer. I missed that at around the five-second mark because I was too busy laughing, but it does provide yet another hysterical layer to this brouhaha of a brawl. 

After a quick search on the Internet, it does appear there are some Tulsa-area OHP troopers by the names of Justin Mathew and Will Landsheft. Mathew received a Glock as an award for his response to that tragic 2021 shooting of two Tulsa PD officers, while Landsheft was profiled in this News on 6 piece about new OHP recruits in 2020. 

Here are their pics:

Justin Mathew
Will Landsheft

To be clear, OHP is being pretty tight-lipped about the investigation and the troopers' identities have not been officially confirmed, but I don’t see any reason why our Mole would lie to us.

Plus, after a quick search on the Tulsa County Assessor, I did learn that Matthew owns a house that backs up to the golf course.

Either way, I tried to verify the troopers' identities by calling the Owasso Police Department and requesting a copy of the police report. With a brawl like that taking place on a civilized golf course, obviously, someone called the cops… right?

Actually, despite the fact that some testosterone-fueled golfers went full octagon on residents who lived next to the golf course, no police report was filed.

In fact, the people I spoke to in the Owasso PD claimed they didn’t know about the fight until they saw the viral video! 

That’s kind of curious, huh? 

It almost makes you think either A) the people involved in the fight worked in law enforcement and didn’t want word to get because it could lead to disciplinary action, B) the people involved in the fight worked in law enforcement and didn’t want word to get because it could lead to severe embarrassment amongst colleagues, or C) Both A & B. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll follow this curious case and provide more updates when identities are officially confirmed or whatever.

Until then, let this serve as a lesson to everyone – whether you're a tough guy cop or their wife armed with a beer – to not engage in a fight with a bunch of MMA dudes. There’s a good chance it won’t end well. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised, 

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