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Disgraced Ringling coach makes cameo at State Track & Field Championships…

12:38 PM EDT on May 8, 2023

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Philip Koons – the controversial Ringling High School Football coach who is on administrative leave and under OSBI investigation “amid accusations of bullying and abuse” – watched his Blue Devils take home the State Track and Field Championship this past weekend in Oklahoma City.

We know this because an Ogle Mole sent us these photos that appeared on social media. Coach Koons is the squatty guy in the hat:

That interesting. 

You’d think a controversial coach who is under OSBI investigation and has been accused of exposing himself to players and forcing them to exercise naked wouldn’t be allowed within 1,000 feet of a school, much less on the field for a victory celebration!

Then again, as the hero worship of Barry Switzer by OU fans reminds us, we live in Oklahoma – a place where the results on the field are the only thing that really matters. If you win games, some people will literally bow to you like a king...

After the photos were shared on social media, I guess some people were questioning why the guy who was placed on administrative leave and is being investigated by OSBI was allowed to attend the OSSAA State Track and Field Championships. 

According to his social media defenders – a.k.a.. people who are apparently fine with adults bullying, abusing, and exposing themselves to teens as long as it wins a football game – he was simply there as a spectator:

Yep, even though he was on the field with the team and having players kneel in his presence, he was there in any official capacity. He's simply a spectator. That’s good to know. 

Anyway, there haven’t been any major updates in the OSBI investigation since early spring, so maybe this will trigger an update from the legitimate media. I guess we’ll wait and see. 

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