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Oklahoma bill would criminalize online reviews of sex workers…

It passed a House Committee by a 5 - 2 margin.

12:52 PM EST on February 23, 2023

If Oklahoma lawmakers get their way, Louis Fowler may soon be a felon!

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned that an Oklahoma House Criminal Committee advanced HB 2054 yesterday by a 5 - 2 margin.

If passed and signed into law, it would drastically change Oklahoma's prostitution laws, making it a felony with a minimum three-year prison sentence for anyone who...

1. Offers to pay someone for sexual conduct, whether or not payment was accepted or the sexual stuff performed. 

2. Publishes an online review of a sexual encounter, or a review of the pubic area, buttocks, or breasts experienced in the sexual encounter on a website that facilitates, encourages, offers, solicits, or promotes sexual conduct with another for a fee.

Basically, Oklahoma lawmakers want to make it a felony to make a proposition and/or leave an online review of a local escort service, brothel, or – based on the bill’s language – even a strip club!

Considering they’re some of the biggest supporters of these types of businesses, that seems kind of odd, huh? It would be like Oil Overlords calling for strict environmental regulations that carry jail time!

Naturally, the author of the bill is our old hypocritical pal State Rep. Eric Roberts. 

Eric made headlines last year when he voted in favor of Oklahoma’s draconian abortion ban despite the fact he once paid for his girlfriend’s friend to get an abortion after he got the friend pregnant

Remember that?

Knowing how big of a hypocrite he is, I guess that means we can expect Eric’s old Google reviews of Little Darlings to come to light any day now...

“After I offered Destiny a crisply folded dollar bill, she grabbed my head and forced it into her plump bosom, rubbing my face into a titular heaven before delightfully purring into my ear. Although she did leave behind a few speckles of glitter and had fresh c-section scars, her skin was soft and smelled of sweet lavender perfume. I then gently tucked the bill inside her red lace garter belt and smiled, before returning to the table where my House colleagues awaited. 5 stars!

Obviously, there are some issues with the legislation. 

The first being – isn’t criminalizing online reviews a clear violation of the first amendment? Even if a service is illegal, people should have the right to review it, right?

Even if it passes constitutional muster, there are holes in the law. What happens if someone from another state leaves a review? How will they track down violators? Do Oklahoma prosecutors really want to make it a crime for people to confess to their guilt online?

Then again, what do I know?

Although I've never used the services of a prostitute, I’m just a practical guy who doesn't carry moralistic judgment and thinks sex work should be legalized and regulated like any other industry, which would make it safer for everyone involved. I’m not a hypocritical politician looking to score brownie points with equally hypocritical conservative voters. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this bill and see where it goes.

Stay with The Lost Ogle.  We’ll keep you advised. 

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