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They tore down The Boob Church!!!!!

11:02 AM EDT on September 26, 2022

Earlier this morning, some asshole who needs to be publically outed and shamed demolished the First Christian Church on NW 36th and Walker.

Also known as the "The Boob Church," "The Nipple Church," "The Egg Church" and "The City Titty," the plump and perky structure was one of the most badass, recognizable, and unique pieces of mid-century architecture still remaining in Oklahoma City.

Now it's off to the massive and ever-growing "Demolished Oklahoma City Structures that Were Cool and Identifiable and Added to Our City's Culture and Character" graveyard.

Pete from OKC Talk was on top of it...

This isn't surprising – when the church was first put on the market in 2016, preservationists sounded the alarm that this could happen – but it's still an outrage.

My daughter briefly went to daycare at the church during the summer of 2018, and although the structure needed some TLC, it still seemed like it could be salvaged, restored, and put to good commercial use. At the very least, you figured the dome could be saved, and the rest of the massive parking lot flipped into the standard Generica mix of On Cues, Scooters, and Del Tacos.

Here are more details via The Oklahoman:

First Christian Church, with its distinctive white egg-shaped dome, was torn down early Monday after the congregation’s attorney previously told The Oklahoman recent asbestos removal was not part of any plan to destroy the building.

David Box, the attorney, did not respond to requests for comment. In a text he said he was traveling overseas. The church’s broker, Cordell Brown, could not be reached for comment...

The Oklahoman learned Sunday that a local developer, Andy Burnett, was among the latest to make an offer for the property. When contacted by phone Sunday night, Burnett confirmed he offered $2 million, all cash, with a closing in 45 days, to buy the property and keep the buildings standing as part of indoor and outdoor sand volleyball and sports complex.

First of all, what a convenient time for David Box – the attorney – to flee out of town. Maybe he's scouting cool and unique buildings in other countries to destroy? Seriously, if there's an old building out there that people like, he seems to be the guy to go to if you want to tear it down. I bet he has pics of the Milk Bottle Building, Gold Dome and that old gas station on NE 63rd and Sooner Rd. taped to his basement wall like a serial killer.

Also, let's give a big TLO Kudos to Andy Burnett for trying his best to save the Nipple Church. If he wants to spend $2-million cash to buy TLO and flip into a volleyball-focused website, I'll definitely treat him with respect and return his calls.

Anyway, if you know more about the demo, including who authorized it, send us an email on the tipline.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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