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Reservation Dogs

TLO Rez Recaps: “Decolonativization” (Ep. 2.6)

8:20 AM EDT on September 1, 2022

It’s the second season of Reservation Dogs, the critically lauded series by Sterlin Harjo that shows it’s truly a good day to be Indigenous!

Like last year, I will recap the show for those that don’t have FX or Hulu, giving the basics and not spoiling anything too much for anyone until they hit DVD, or you bum a friend’s password.

Skoden? Stoodis!


Episode 6: “Decolonativization”

The Plot: Last week, Bear (D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) threw a party that was discovered by his mom, Rita (Sarah Podemski). For punishment, he has to attend NARDS Youth Summit at the Indian Health Service. Luckily, all of his friends are going—and some of his enemies, too.

Hosted by the neo-woke Miss M8triarch (Amber Midthunder) and Augusto Firekeeper (Elisha Pratt), they have the kids do things like write in their journals, develop team-building skills and, of course, eat a frybread lunch. In the last hour, everything comes to a head when Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) takes cruel-ribbing to a new level.

The Review:  Many years ago, I was a freshman at Northwest Classen. Because my mother was the Native American Student/Parental Liaison—or wherever it was called—I went to many of these summits, symposiums, and lectures. I even did that D.A.R.E-thing about drug and alcohol abuse.

Being the lone male, I was a doleful party of one. Still, the anti-drug programming was entertaining—one time, there was a Michael Jackson impersonator!—but, eventually, I was drafted to Classen SAS and soon, I was no longer a part of the group. But, you know, what if I continued down that road?

The whole episode was a big flashback for me. The only difference is my speaker was a dude who took a phosphorus grenade to the face instead of the woke duo of Miss M8triarch and Augusto that, I have to say, is a brilliant comedic creation. I would love to see them again and their $15 Sonic gift certificates.

Best Line: “Mostly, we made love, ate berries, and sometimes the deer would eat our palms…it was beautiful.”- Miss M8triarch

Funniest Moment: When the guest speakers are introduced, they give salutations to not only to Indigenous people, but to Neanderthals, dinosaurs, ‘"star-people" and the reptilians “above and below the Earth.”

Oklahoma Soundtrack Pick: Mason Jennings – “California”


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