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Neglectful Downtown Business Owner To Finally Fix Broken Windows

12:01 PM EDT on August 29, 2022

Three years after a dazzling and terrifying window cleaning debacle, Devon is finally making repairs to their shaft of the OKC skyline – Devon Tower.

Yep! It's official! After a long wait, which included an anti-abortion advocate climbing to the top to inspect the damage, the plywood is finally coming down!

Lackmeyer reports:

Replacement of broken windows resumed this week at Devon Energy Center three years after gear on a window-washing basket malfunctioned and it crashed repeatedly into the top of the 50-story tower.

Two employees of Tulsa-based Budget Window Washing were in the basket during the May 15, 2019, incident that was broadcast live throughout the country. Repairs started that winter and have proceeded, off and on, due to what company representatives described as a process slowed by the city's frequently windy conditions.

This is great news. It always seemed weird that the signature skyscraper in a landlocked state looked like it was preparing for a hurricane. I bet Mayor Holt told local celebrities the city did it to make our hokey water sports adventure district look more authentic!

Anyway, I still think the best part of this whole sage is that Devon – a global energy company with a market cap of $48.6-billion – hired a company called Budget Window Washing (formerly known as Budget Glass Cleaning) to make its $750-million skyscraper all nice and shiny.

Not to self-plagiarize here, but was Premium Window Washing too expensive? Budget Window Washing sounds like the type of place that sends door-to-door salesman in fresh-out-of-the-bag Polo shirts to canvass local neighborhoods in search of a cheap buck.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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