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TLO Rez Recaps: “Wide Net” (Ep. 2.5)

It’s the second season of Reservation Dogs, the critically lauded series by Sterlin Harjo that shows it’s truly a good day to be Indigenous!

Like last year, I will recap the show for those that don’t have FX or Hulu, giving the basics and not spoiling anything too much for anyone until they hit DVD, or you bum a friend’s password.

Skoden? Stoodis!

Episode 5: “Wide Net”

The Plot: With Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) taking the week off, this episode is all about the Indian Health Services and all the shit they do. At an IHS seminar, Rita (Sarah Podemski) and her friends look for good trouble, including weed gummies, vaginal cleansing, and a choreographed dance number to Princess Nokia.

Also, guest star Bobby Lee returns as Dr. Kang, the Asian IHS doctor. He attends the conference too, learns a new Indigenous name, meets a comely bartender, and, long story short, finds himself near-nude as the conference winds down.

The Review: While most white people have “spring break,” Natives get the IHS health seminars. Under the guise of CME and stuff, it’s a break from reality, an unassuming orgy of health care professionals and their underlings giving way to moderate fantasies and broken-down trips until the weekend is over. I assume.

The entire crew—namely Rita, Teenie (Tamara Podemski), Bev (Jana Schmieding) and Natalie (Natalie Standingcloud)—make this a weekend of booze, edibles, and, at least some of them, shagging—I wish I was an IHS professional.

Even though I go to the Indian Clinic about two or three times a week, it’s good to see these hard-working folks being represented both honestly and professionally. I'm very rarely on this other side of the mirror, and I do know they're real people with real personalities. After last week’s deluge of tears, it’s good for a hilarious palate cleanser.

Best Line: “I think you were a responsible teen mom…and he’ll be a great teen dad.” – Bev (Jana Schmieding)

Funniest Moment: There are many to choose from, but the end credits scene with Dr. Kang (Bobby Lee), in a state of undress, looking for an elevator, is classic.

Oklahoma Soundtrack Pick:  Brandy – “Sittin’ Up in My Room”


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