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Jalen Rose continues to troll Skip Bayless over “Pistol Pete Jr.” claims…

10 years after we dished out one of the greatest sports media assists of all time, Jalen Rose continues to dunk on Skip Bayless!

Earlier this week, a highlight went viral of Bronny James – spawn of LeBron – going coast-to-coast for a poster dunk in an international tournament game against France's Under 18 Select squad.

It was a nice play for a kid who's not old enough to vote, but legendary sports media provocateur – and NW Classen High School alum – Skip Bayless still found a way to criticize it:

Unless they're talking Thunder, Cubs, or OU football, I rarely watch the contrived debate shows that have proliferated and kind of ruined sports media, so it's good to see that Skip Bayless is still leaving his home under a bridge each morning to criticize any sports figure he can, even if they're just a kid. If our state ever creates an Oklahoma Hall of Shame – something I should create a charter for tomorrow – he'll be a first-year inductee!

Over on ESPN, Skippy's former debate partner and colleague Jalen Rose also talked about the highlight.

Instead of talking trash about a kid who's both blessed and cursed to be the son of one of the greatest athletes to ever walk this planet, he brought up the fact that Skip Bayless – despite his braggadocious claims of being Pistol Pete Jr. – only averaged 1.4 points per game as a high school senior.

That's awesome! If I ever make a list of the greatest TLO articles of all time, our expose on Skip Bayless grossly over-exaggerating his high school sports career would be a top fiver. It's one of a handful of TLO articles that went super viral nationally, and something I'm still proud and happy to bring up whenever I can.

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time Jalen has brought up Skip's stats. He does it quite often! The first time was the day after our big story broke. He confronted Skip over the lie on ESPN, who tried to brush it off as no big deal:

As Al Eschbach would say, "Memories. Good ones."

Anyway, I guess if you know about any native Oklahomans who have turned into national sports pundits and over-exaggerated their own athletic accomplishments, shoot us an email. We'd love to have another story go national!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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