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Brent Skarky out at KFOR…

The Oklahoma City news scene is officially a little less weird.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've received emails from concerned OKC TV news viewers asking for the whereabouts of the Dick Clark of the Oklahoma City news media – KFOR's Brent Skarky.

I guess the ageless one has not been seen on KFOR since the end of May, and there was some concern from viewers that Skarky may have injured himself while hunting for mountain lion bobcats in the Oklahoma wilderness.

Well, I did some checking around this morning with the Ogle Mole Network and I have some good and bad news to report...

1. The good news is Brent is safe and sound after living two weeks with a litter of bobcat mountain lions in the Oklahoma wilderness.

2. The bad news is that Brent's contract was up at the end of May and he and KFOR decided to part ways.

Although that's bad news for all 14 of Brent's fans, they won't miss him for very long. From what I've gathered, Brent will be following the path blazed by many other former OKC news anchors and will be accepting a job as a communications flack for either a non-profit, government agency, hospital, or public utility. I think we'll know for sure next week.

Anyway, we'd like to wish Brent the best of luck in his future endeavors. We've had a lot of fun at his expense over the last 15 years, and like most people who stopped aging at the age of 24, Brent's taken it all in stride. Sure, it was awkward when he tried to get his media pals like Aaron Tuttle to commit voter fraud in the 2008 Ogle Madness Sweet 16, but we've forgiven him.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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