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Ogle Madness XIV: Elite 8 (Northeast & Southeast)

8:51 AM EDT on March 28, 2022

We are now in the closing stretch of Ogle Madness XIV!

After 56 matches and 25,000+ votes, the Elite 8 has finally arrived! If you want to see how we got here, check out the full bracket. Here are the moring matchups from the Northeast & Southeast Regional Finals:

Northeast: (5) Joy Hofmeister vs. (7) Emily Virgin
Southeast: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Reservation Dogs

Vote below to see who makes it to the Final Four!

Northeast Regional Final: (5) Joy Hofmeister vs. (7) Emily Virgin

(5) Joy Hofmeister

Last Round: Defeated (1) Abigail Ogle 56% (292) to 44% (228)

State School Superintendent who recently switched from Republican to Democrat and is now running for Governor of Oklahoma in 2022, which I’m sure she’ll talk about on The Lost Ogle show later this year.



(7) Emily Virgin

Last Round: Defeated (6) Mauree Turner 72% (356) to 28% (137)

Once a leader of the famed nubile brigade of Virgin Supporters, Emily is a long-time – yeah, we’re old – Oklahoma State Representative who provides a rare voice of reason and sanity at the Capitol, and on The Lost Ogle Show.



Southeast Regional Final: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Reservation Dogs

(1) Emily Sutton 

Last Round: Defeated (5) Chuck Hoskin Jr. 51% (263) to 49% (258)

While flying in a chariot pulled by her magical unicorns Sprinkle and Petrichor, KFOR’s severe weather princess Emily Sutton scans the Oklahoma atmosphere for disturbances, predicts and forecasts the weather, and keeps evil weather spirits at bay.


(6) Reservation Dogs

Last Round: Defeated (2) Brent Venables 51% (263) to 49% (259)

Brilliant award-winning FX streaming hit about four indigenous teens living the good life in rural Oklahoma. You can check out all of Louis Fowler’s episode recaps here. 



Decide which of these underdogs you like best, and we'll have the Southeast up later today.

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