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We found the local iHeart Radio office auction. Here’s a preview…

9:53 AM EST on February 15, 2022

Sad news, those of us who remember requesting a non-smoking section in Pizza Hut!

Last month, iHeart Radio relocated to its Oklahoma City offices from 50 Penn Place to an office park near 63rd and Meridian.

As part of the move, they are auctioning off tomorrow all their old office furniture, dated memorabilia and other relics from an age when radio ruled the world.

As public service to dying media and nostalgia, here are 7 gifts you can buy as a gift for your favorite Oklahomans.

A 94.7 The Buzz Cabinet

Your cousin needs this commemorative cabinet in his garage as much as his middle school-aged children need to listen to the Foo Fighters All My Life album and him reminiscing about the 2005 New Orleans/OKC Hornets season.

Cardboard Mick Cornett

We've found Cardboard Mick's long lost twin brother!

Back when I was in middle school, Patrick took a different fresco-loving Cardboard cutout of Mick Cornett to the Norman Music Festival with Cardboard Jim Traber. I can't think of a better way to show you're a fan of Big League Cities, flatulence and The Lost Ogle than gifting this item.

Carrie Underwood Picture

She belongs on the living room wall of your parents’ house, right between the print of a sandy-blonde, white Jesus and your senior photos.

2001 Ford Ranger

It’s the cleanest 2001 Ford Ranger this side of the Canadian and, being 20+ years old, probably the only classic car you can get for less than 5 grand. It’s the perfect machine to teach your nephew what seem to be long-forgotten skills, like basic truck maintenance and how to use a cassette tape stereo adapter.


Metal Cabinet with Contents

From what I can gather from the half dozen blurry pictures advertising this find, there’s enough Christian-themed movies, matching shirts, and frisbees to start a youth group in this cabinet. But make sure you toss out Candy Land before donating this to your Baptist preacher neighbor, lest some wandering gaze is bestowed upon the scantily clad Queen Frostine.


A George Strait Promo Poster

Your grandma needs this George Strait poster honoring his 60th chart-topping hit as much as you need to be written back into her will.

The "Memorabilia in Room A"

With a MAGA double brewskie hat, a half of a handle of Makers Mark, 5 conference freebie coffee cups, and the Encyclopedia of OU Football makes for the perfect game day party pack for the uncle who’s as likely to bring up the 2000 Championship game at family dinner as he is Pizza Gate.


Hayley also could use the Buzz Cabinet. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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