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Edmond School Cafeteria Food Displeases Student!

I grew up on free breakfast and free lunch from my collective school’s cafeterias. I’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times with it, but never complained once because it was free, paid for by you, the beautiful taxpayers. Thank you for that!

But, apparently, one Edmond Central Middle School student is up in arms over the Doritos and chili mixture served to her recently, with her father, Dan Myers—who referred to it as “baby poo”—going as far as to post in an Edmond parents Facebook group which, I guess, was co-opted by FOX 25.

Here’s a Tweet from reporter Payton May:

While, sure, the lunch may look unappetizing, it would have been a real treat for me and thousands of others on free lunch, as I was usually served warm chicken fingers, creamy mashed potatoes, a filling fruit cup, and a welcome pint of Whole D milk. Granted, none of it looked like bodily fluids, but I'm sure today's Edmond kids would gripe about it as well.

When I was in school, there were two lines: the hot lunch line—for us poor kids—and the cold food line—filled with what you see here, things like chips and chili and so on. Thankfully, food wasn’t a status symbol for many of us, plus we were honestly poor enough to either accept what was given or go hungry the rest of the day; whatever was being served was good enough and, if I’m being honest, still is.

Regardless, Edmond Public Schools sent out this memo, admitting some unnecessary fault:

"The Chili Con Queso entree served at Central Middle School on November 2 did not turn out as planned. The sauce, containing meat and cheese, was darker than normal, which was likely the result of too much seasoning. Because the round tortilla chips normally used in the entree were shorted on delivery, Doritos were substituted. While this recipe has been a popular item at our schools for several years, the EPS test kitchen will evaluate the recipe and cook/hold procedures to confirm and make changes as needed. The other available items, which are not shown in the picture, included: Side of Shredded Lettuce & Tomatoes, Refried Beans, Fruit Choices (Oranges or Grapes), Milk."

As much as I’d like to disagree with Edmond Public Schools—or any school, for that matter—it does look like they are trying to feed all these children the best way possible. But, with Edmond parents worried about Covid masks, perverted books, and, of course, critical race theory, I guess this is just one more fleshy body to throw on the proverbial funeral pyre.

However, not too long ago, I reviewed the dinner at the Salvation Army and, honestly, this is the exact same food I had there and it was just fine. So if Edmond schools want to allow me to come by for free lunch—I’m sure I still qualify!—I would be most happy to and, probably, give it a good review.


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