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10 Last Minute Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

1:43 PM EDT on October 27, 2021

In case you missed it, Halloween 2021 is right around the corner!

If you're a master procrastinator like me, you probably haven't even started on your costume yet. That's okay, because I put together this little guide of 10 Last-Minute Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas!

I can't guarantee they'll win you any prizes or help you get laid, but they're better than not wearing any costume at all.

Here you go:

1. Dr. Kevin Stitt

Just find an old cap and gown, put on some fancy academic robes you didn't earn, and buy a pair of bushy eyebrows.


2. Frankenogle

This is a fun way to put an old suit, green face makeup and a pair of stilts to good use.


3. Wayne Payne Exit Sign

This costume works for both individuals and couples. If you want to be the Wayne Payne Exit Sign by yourself, just wear a green shirt and iron Wayne Payne in white letters to the front of your shirt.  If it’s part of a couple's costume, each of you wears a green shirt, but one person goes as Wayne the other as Payne. That’s easy enough.


4. Matt Damon from Stillwater

You can find all the supplies for this one at your neighborhood Bass Pro or Walmart.


5. College Berry Tramel and /or Budtender from Local Dispensary

For this costume, just get really really really high.


6. OKC Cock Ring

This will require some intensive stenciling work, but with one quick trip to Hobby Lobby you can find all the supplies you need to be the shaft inside OKC’s most famous work of public art.


7. OU Daily Reporter

Another easy one. Just put on an OU shirt and grab a pair of binoculars.


8. Oklahoma GOP Chair John Bennett

Carry around a gun in one hand and Bible in the other. If you're at a party, make sure to spout off alt-right talking points.


9. Badlands McNally

Perhaps the most famous drug smuggler in Oklahoma history, a Badlands McNalley costume is easy to pull off. Just wear a pair of aviators and an orange prison jumpsuit and you're done.


10. Oklahoma Panhandle 

Just wear a long rectangular box on your right arm. Whenever someone asks what you are for Halloween, extend your arm to the side and say the Oklahoma panhandle. More than likely, the person who asked will either roll their eyes or laugh.

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