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Patrick’s News Round Up (8)

I ventured out into the wild to check out the Future Islands / Modest Mouse show at Diamond Ballroom last night, so this week's news round-up will be a bit quicker than usual.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. Although I fit in a little too well with the crowd – if you were a pot-bellied guy in your 40s with a beard, shaved head and glasses, it was the place to be in OKC – it was good to get out and enjoy live music and risk getting a Covid breakthrough infection in the process.

I've been a Future Islands fan since 2011 when I came across their track "Inch Of Dust" during a pool love scene in Shameless, which as a certified indie music snob who had a specialty show on The Spy before it was cool, is something I like to point out to people who didn't become fans until David Letterman went nuts for the band in 2014.

I made the mistake of being in the beer line when played that signature track, but they absolutely took down the house with what should have been their closer – Tin Man.

Modest Mouse was Modest Mouse. I'm not a super fan, but I like a lot of their stuff, especially from the 90s. You can't argue they're one of the most influential and commercially successful indie bands of all time. If you were going to make a Mt. Rushmore of indie rock frontmen, you'd be hard-pressed not to include Isaac Brock, not just for his work in Modest Mouse, but for producing Wolf Parade's 2005 classic "Apologies to Queen Mary."

Anyway, enough of my dated indie music snobbery, to the round-up:

Oklahoma Top 10 State For Police Murders

I'm still waiting for Kevin Stitt to issue the press release applauding the news.


This sums it up...

It's going to be a loooong season.


Order Your Islamaphobic Bigot T-Shirts Today!

That's nice and everything, but shouldn't he also be holding a gun and bible?


I'm pretty sure marijuana growers are farmers, too

Uhm, all the marijuana farmers I talk to love the explosive growth! That being said, most of these farmers aren't part of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce ruling class. This story is nothing more than an attempt by that Ruling Class to plant the seeds for regulations they want to implement on the industry in 2022. Need proof?

Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s, Dairy Producers, Soybean, and Agricultural Aviation Associations cosigned a letter to Adria Berry, the newly installed director of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. 

In the letter, the groups expressed “great concern” regarding the nearly 9,000 active medical marijuana grow licenses and asked for Berry to temporarily stop issuing new licenses. Berry responded last week and said OMMA does not have the authority to do so. 

“Under current statutes, however, we do not have the authority to issue a moratorium on grower licenses,” Berry said in a statement. “But I look forward to working with legislators and the leaders of your associations to find a solution to these pressing concerns.” 


The Oklahoman no longer has a real estate editor

That's sad. For a city of our size, we need a real estate editor to cover the city, and even more importantly, keep Steve Lackmeyer from ranking the Top 500 Bricks in Bricktown.


David Holt brings out human shields to prevent people from making fun of his dorky, eye roll mic drops

"Hey kids, do you want to help dad drop mics at the big concert at the park so not as many people will make fun of me on social media?"

"Sure, dad. But remember, people will still make fun of you in their minds."


Oklahoma Democrat announces intentions to lose to James Lankford or Jackons Lahmeyer in US Senate race

Hopefully he'll do well enough to earn a few law clients down the road. That's the whole point in running, right?


Anyway, the wraps up the round-up. Have a nice weekend!

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