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Pour Some Sugers on Me: Farewell to Norman’s Only Strip Club

The reports of Sugers demise were apparently not overly exaggerated.

Just a couple of months after the big news that new owners were going to save Sugers – Norman's one and only strip club, a divvy Campus Corner paradise located in the back alley where it belonged – The OU Daily has reported the venue has closed its doors after decades of delighting burly alpha-males in neon shades and, on the extreme opposite of the spectrum, the pseudo-feminist hipster dude who claims to go there ironically. But really not.

Via OU Daily:

Norman’s only strip club will entertain clubgoers for the last time July 24 after over three decades of operation on Campus Corner.

Sugers, which came under new management in September 2020, will hold its final nights as a strip club this weekend, as its owners intend to transform the club’s soon-to-be former location into a new nightlife spot, co-owner and manager Travis Case said.

Case said the new business to replace Sugers will not be a strip club.

“I think, as any business, sometimes … it’s run its course,” Case said. “For me and my two partners, we just felt it was time to bring something completely new to Campus Corner ... something that was never seen before, and we're excited to be able to have that opportunity … as soon as we close up Sugers.”

To be sure the report was accurate, I walked by Sugers yesterday, and the door was firmly locked. Leaving no sad outlet for my sexual needs, I instead walked down the street and had a frozen yogurt, dropping an extra $5 in the tip jar for the people behind the counter.

With Sugers closing, I guess the testosterone-driven, absolutely perverted – and the ultimately lonely – will now have to come to Oklahoma City for their drunken nights and nudie delights. If that's the case, might I suggest the Red Dog? I've heard the menu's changed since I last reviewed their glorious hamburger – and gave Pixie some extra money for her baby's crib – but I'm sure the food is still worth a shot, and name me another strip club you can visit in the afternoon, and then watch a documentary about it later that night?

In regards to Sugers’ future, the new owners claim they’re opening something the world needs – a new “nightlife spot,” gratefully within walking distance of a college. Although I’m sure the place will be a sports bar, filled with crimson and cream flags, very tight OU Polos and, of course, the requisite neon shades, I’m not too sure where the hipsters will go ironically. We mourn their loss.


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